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Author Topic: Dr. De Smet Offers New ReCerf Ceramic on Ceramic Hip Resurfacing in South Africa  (Read 373 times)

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Full Information Available Here:  https://surfacehippy.info/pdf/RECERFmin.pdf

The ReCerf® Hip Resurfacing device has been extensively laboratory tested where the device was subjected to loads far in excess of those expected in a patient’s own body such as falls (stumbling) and traumatic events such as head-on car crash to evaluate its performance limitations. Mechanical testing and stateof-art finite element analysis (computer modelling) investigated all aspects of performance of the device such as static and fatigue limits, joint simulator wear testing including microseparation, head and cup fixation and predictive bone remodelling.  All testing meets or exceeds the design parameters.

Additionally, the fixation coating type is one that has been used for many years on metal total hip implants and exceeds all test standards. The ceramic material used in the components of the device has been use in total hips over 16 years and is supplied by the world leader in ceramic material.

As discussed above because ReCerf® is a new device, it does not yet have enough clinical data to predict all outcomes and no-one can know what unexpected issues may arise until a dataset of clinical evidence has been accumulated, however this extensive testing supports the use of the device in patients.

The first ReCerf® device was implanted on 24th September 2018 and a small number have been implanted since then. All patients continue to do well and their consultant’s report no issues with the device. Patients are being followed up closely to ensure the continued success of the device and early reporting of any unexpected issues.
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 :) Cool Stuff Pat. I was asking around for this when I had my hips resurfaced by Dr De Smet 2015.
They were probably doing it in the background.

Amazing technology and amazing people to keep the ball rolling on resurfacing.
Amazing surgeon as well.

Overall I am massively happy with my Metal on Metal hips and they do the job perfect.
I assume the MOM will still be around for along time if you can find someone experienced to fit them!
After 4 years I am still getting strength back in my hips. That too is amazing.

Cheers Karl

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