Author Topic: Updates on BHR and Running?  (Read 655 times)

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Updates on BHR and Running?
« on: December 04, 2019, 12:16:54 AM »
Hi All,

Any personal experiences or data on the safety and longevity of the BHR while doing various forms of running?


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Re: Updates on BHR and Running?
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2019, 09:34:01 AM »

I'd say it varies greatly from person to person based on what you are looking to return too.

Personally, I'm 13 1/2 months out.  So far I've only been able to run about a mile before the right hip starts letting me know it's there.  I've tried to go longer with a walk/run combination.   I took up swimming and started biking to fill in for the time i used to spend running and playing basketball.  I've even done a few triathlons but had to mostly walk the run portion.  the missed time   This past weekend I did a mile on the trails in about 9 minutes and another 3 miles doing a walk/ run combination.  Not fast (11:30 pace) but by the time i was done my hip was really throbbing, both on the outside and the inner groin.

I just went back for my annual checkup on Monday.  The doctor said the xrays show the cup has a bit of a gap behind it which is the only thing he can think that would cause this.     I'm fairly active for my age and relatively thin (6'2"  195lbs) so he said it's not normal that I can't go further.  He also doesn't think it will get much better on it's own since most of the soft tissue would have healed by now.

My options are to restrict activity and live with it or go for a revision.    I'm most likely going for option #2.

I still have hope that after a revision I will be able to go back to how I was prior to the surgery.
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Re: Updates on BHR and Running?
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2019, 01:54:25 PM »
BHRs 20 and six years old. Not a runner as such but played tennis on average two to three times a week more or less throughout. No problems whatever.
Not Andy Murray though - he must stress his hip more in a match than I have in twenty years!
After my first, Mr McMinn advised (once rehabbed) to "hammer it". His point was that impact is good for bone health.
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Re: Updates on BHR and Running?
« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2019, 07:10:05 PM »
I'm not a runner but a cyclist but some on here have returned to competitive running including marathons, also martial arts, weight training, etc. I have done a bit of trail running with no problem. I think much of it depends on the quality of the surgeon.
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