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First post on 6 month anniversary
« on: May 23, 2020, 07:33:45 AM »
I have never posted before, but I wanted to make at least a small contribution to a board that was so influential in helping me make the (right) decision to go with resurfacing rather than replacement. I come from a medically oriented family of three RN's and one Dr, none of whom knew much of anything about resurfacing. It was an uphill battle to educate them ( and myself) but using this forum as a starting point, I soon ended up choosing Dr Gross for a host of reasons. Not the least of which was the fact that there was terrific online/telephone help from his staff...and since I live 12 timezones away, the logistics of this were not always easy. Also, Dr Gross personally called me several times and answered every question I had in his plain speaking, no BS manner. This, and his published results on his website, sealed the deal for me.

I am one of those people who are scared to death of hospitals. I truly get nervous a week in advance thinking about simply having blood drawn. White coat syndrome in full. But his team made the whole process MUCH less worrisome and painless than I ever could have possibly imagined. And although the recovery was no walk in the park it was not the long term slog I was dreading. I could generally feel myself progressing bit by bit most days; and that was encouraging.

So I am a 61 yr old male who was bone on bone, but still able to do a decent amount of biking and fitness activities prior to surgery. I even had a very good workout in the Mariott gym the day before my surgery that made me think about calling the whole thing off! So I encourage one and all to do their due diligence and take a close look at resurfacing. It has given me ( and my family, who say I was one miserable SOB in the year before surgery)  a new lease on life. I celebrated my 6 month anniversay with a 1500 meter swim and a thousand stair climb with a 20lb pack. Although I am told complete healing may take a year or even more, I have no pain at all other than occasional very light soreness in the incision area. No functional limitations, and a new positive attitude towards the future.

So thanks to Pat and all who post here!! You do a great service for so many of us when we really need it. One last bit of advice. If you are having trouble deciding between resurfacing and normal replacement visit a regular replacement  doc. Ask to see and hold that big piece of metal that is going to permanently reside inside your thighbone. I did,  and it was the last nail in the replacement coffin.

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Re: First post on 6 month anniversary
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2020, 11:23:38 AM »
I am so happy the website helped you with your decision about hip resurfacing.  It is an uphill battle for most people. So much negativity from the surgeons and media.  When many surgeons were trying to do hip resurfacing and had bad results, that negative media took over the whole hip resurfacing reputation. Also many surgeons don't do it because it is more difficult than a THR and feel it is not important to learn.
But, as we know, it can be a great alternative to a total hip replacement.  I am glad you found Dr. Gross, he certainly is one of the very best in the hip resurfacing community.  I think it is great how he calls people.  You can email most of the top surgeons and they will talk with you via email, which is better than most regular orthopedics.
I wish you the very best on your recovery. Sounds like you are doing really well and getting back to a normal, pain free life.  I look forward to more updates in the future.
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