Author Topic: how common is bursitis or any other remaining pain after bi-lateral bhrs?  (Read 2707 times)

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I am 3 weeks post rbhr and will get my left one done in Dec. but just got back from my walk and feel a little like i could be getting bursitis on the bad hip side.  My operated side feels fine.

Is bursitis (or side pain or any pain) something that happens after going through 2 surgeries? 

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Hi Allison

I had the same problem after my hip resurfacing.  I thought I would be really active and do all kinds of sports that I use to do.  I guess not - the unoperated hip started acting up.  It did not need a BHR yet, but had bursitis in it >:(   The more I did, the more it acted up.  I ended up getting a steriod shot in it and stopped do a lot of reptitive actions.  It was even hurting when I was doing a lot of water walking. 

The unoperated hip takes a beating because it has to take more load for the bad hip both before surgery and post op. 

Some people have ended up with bursitis in the operated hip and that has really slowed them down.

Hopefully, after December you will have 2 good hips to get around on next summer.

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Thanks Pat.  I hope so too.  It just doesn't seem fair to trade one pain for another!

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Right around three weeks, I thought that I might be getting bursitis on both sides :( I was trying to do a lot of walking, and both hips were complaining. At six weeks, i was able to weight bear more equally on both legs, and the pain on the side of the hips went away almost overnight. No problems like that since.

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Hi Alison and Hippies,

This is familiar with me also, I am 6 weeks post op LBHR and took my dog out walking the night before last (off the lead (leash)) I guess I walked about 3/4 mile and when I got home I felt the bursitis pain in my left hip region that was previously a hindrence - maybe I overdid it? Certainly I am aware of the extra stress on my right hip and this worries me that I will need the promised op earlier rather than later.

I also seem to get really fatigued easily too, anyone else?

Keep smiling,




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