Author Topic: My husband had BHR 7/31....DOING FABULOUS!...CINCINNATI, OHIO!  (Read 1906 times)

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My husband had BHR 7/31....DOING FABULOUS!...CINCINNATI, OHIO!
« on: September 01, 2008, 09:37:40 PM »

i came to this site in June. my husband has degenerative joint disease, age 51, and needed a right THR desperately. Somewhere along the way, in one of my nursing journals, I had read about BHR and we did the research. I also found this site and asked alot of questions. We made our decision, found a FANTASTIC SURGEON (Dr. Michael Swank//Cincinnati...he's on Pat's list....) and my husband had the procedure done in 7/31.

he is doing Fabulous!! still a slight limp, but walking everywhere! pain free..not even a tylenol needed!! incision healed nice with dermabond (no sutures).

The first five days, you feel really crummy. (the first 48 hours, expect to feel like you got hit by a train!). It was all smooth going after that. Everyday, we see improvement.

I cannot emphasize enough..if you are young, healthy, have good bone mass and find a qualified doctor....THIS IS THE WAY TO GO. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. :)   Good luck to all out there who are worrying and wondering...susan
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Re: My husband had BHR 7/31....DOING FABULOUS!...CINCINNATI, oHIO!
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2008, 06:00:40 PM »
Hi Susan

Congratulations on your husband's new hip.  He is an offical Surface Hippy.

Glad to hear he is doing well now. 

Please keep in touch and give us some updates.

Glad to know we have another good hip resurfacing doctor in my home state of Ohio!

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Re: My husband had BHR 7/31....DOING FABULOUS!...CINCINNATI, OHIO!
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2008, 09:38:09 AM »
Hi Susan,

My story is the same as your husband's, told that I need a THR but need to wait until later in life (I am currently 49), therefore stop doing all activities!!! I also found out about resurfacing through research, found a local doctor in Hamilton, Ontario (Dr. Frank Smith) and after meeting with him decided that this was the way to go.
I had mines done Aug 6th and progress is good.

One question I have, is your husband walking unassisted or still using a cane/crutches?




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Re: My husband had BHR 7/31....DOING FABULOUS!...CINCINNATI, OHIO!
« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2008, 11:10:34 AM »
Yes, I know that feeling about being told "you're too young".  I had my surgery done in January, when I was 44 years old.  The pain I was suffering and walking like a 90 year old woman, those words are not something you want to hear!  I remember sitting there in my doctor's office after the first couple of visits for the pain, my eyes welling up with tears thinking I have to live the next 20 years like this until they will do something about it???  Thank goodness for the internet and the ability to do research on your own.  I've had my 45th birthday, and feeling my age now!  Now, if only I could feel 20 years younger, physically!  Do they have anything for that???  : )



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