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The Hip Talk Discussion Forum was hacked a few weeks back. It has taken me a long time to fix it. The only backup I could use was way back to April 2020. All members and posts up to that date are available. Anything newer has been lost. I am sorry, but that has been the only way to get things up and running again.

Hip Talk Forum About Hip Resurfacing

Hip Resurfacing General Questions

[1] Hip Resurfacing Topics

[2] Hip Resurfacing Still an Excellent Option

[3] Polls about Hip Resurfacing

[4] Hip Resurfacing Devices

[5] Traveling Abroad for Hip Resurfacing

[6] Insurance Questions

[7] Photos - Surface Hippies, pets and environment

Personal Hip Resurfacing Stories

[8] Anniversary Stories

[9] Hip Resurfacing Stories

[-] Bilateral Hip Resurfacing Stories

Normal Post Op Problems and Recovery Issues

[-] Recovery Issues

[-] Physical Therapy

[-] Groin Pain

[-] Infection Problems

[-] Leg Length Problems

[-] Swelling

[-] Emotional Issues

[-] Sex and Resurfacing

Serious Post Op Problems and Revisions

[-] Hip Resurfacing Serious Problems

[-] Blood Clots

[-] Dislocations

[-] Acetabular Cup Revisions & Problems

[-] Metal Allergies

[-] High Metal Ions

[-] My Resurfacing Requires a THR Revision

Medical Studies/Articles

[-] Hip Resurfacing Studies

[-] Metal Ion Studies

Physical Therapy

[-] PT Post Op Surgery

[-] Good PT in my area

Doctor Information

[-] Doctor Information

[-] Dr. Brooks

[-] Dr. Bose

[-] Dr. De Smet

[-] Dr. Gross

[-] Mr. McMinn

[-] Dr. Pritchett

[-] Dr. Rogerson

[-] Dr. Su

[-] Dr. Keggi - Anterior Approach

Athletes Corner

[-] General Discussion about Athletes

[-] Biking/Mountain Biking

[-] Dancing

[-] Golfing

[-] Horseback Riders

[-] Martial Arts

[-] Motorcyclists

[-] Mountaineering & Climbing

[-] Running, Ironman, Marathoner

[-] Skating & Hockey

[-] Sky Diving

[-] Skiing and Snow Boarding

[-] Soccer

[-] Surfing & Water Sports

[-] Tennis Players

[-] Weight Lifting

[-] Yoga

THR Total Hip Replacement Support

[-] THR Patients

[-] Revision to THR from Resurfacing

Alternative Hip Treatments

[-] Intresting New Treatments

Doctor Chat Information

[-] Doctor Chat Information

Classifieds - Purchase, Trade & Donate

[-] Classifieds

Chat Section for non-hip talk

[-] Chat Area for non-hip related subjects

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