Patricia Walter - Poet, Artist and Webmaster

Sunrise by Patricia Walter
Patricia Walter with Peanut Hip Resurfacing with Dr. De Smet 2006

Patricia Walter is a Poet and Artist. She has several websites featuring her work. She has created hundreds of poems and paintings. She often combines the two to present the best of both. You can read a selection of her poetry at A Poet’s Corner.

Dogs have always been a part of Patricia’s life and she has helped design and maintain websites for rescue groups. She has also gained a doggie family along the way since some of the rescued dogs could not find homes. You can read all about her dogs at Pat’s Dogs. Patricia has also written a number of Dog Stories and poems featured at A Poets Corner.

Patricia's Websites

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Patricia's Experience with Hip Resurfacing

Patricia is an early Baby Boomer and at 61 needed a new hip. While she was searching the internet and learning about hip replacement, she gathered a great deal of useful information that she wanted to share with other people needing hip replacement. Patricia was lucky and was able to have a Hip Resurfacing  which is an FDA approved procedure that conserves the femur bone. Patricia Did not have insurance and could not afford a hip replacement in the US in 2006, so she went to Belgium. Dr. De Smet was and still is one of the most experienced hip resurfacing surgeons in the world. Back then the cash price for hospital and doctor in Belgium was about $6000 compared to $30,000 +++ in the US. She wrote a book about her adventure and Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. It is available as a free download called BELGIUM AND MY BHR.

Learn About Hip Resurfacing

You can learn about hip resurfacing at Surface Hippy. If you are not a candidate for hip resurfacing and need information about a total hip replacement, visit Hips For You. Patricia also found many people that needed hips also need knees and started Total Knee Replacement and the Joint Pain Site.

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About Patricia's Websites

Surface Hippy is Patricia’s largest website. She developed the website in 2005 just before hip hip resurfacing. She wanted to share information about hip resurfacing since very few surgeons were offering the option. Surface Hippy continued to grow and is one of the largest patient information websites. It features a discussion group about hip resurfacing.

Hips for You was developed because some people could not have a hip resurfacing, did not want one or required a revision of their hip resurfacing. Hips for You features a large amount of THR information, surgeon information and patient stories.

Many people using the Surface Hippy website also needed knee replacements.  Sometimes people with osteoarthritis have problems with many joints. Knees for You was developed to help feature total and partial knee replacement.

Patricia enjoys painting and writing poetry. She started watercolor painting when she was 50. After painting many paintings, she felt many had a story to tell. So she started writing poems to accompany the painting. She worked with rescue groups and the local shelter and acquired many dogs – some adopted and some fostered. She began writing about the shelter dogs and how terrible they must have felt. She thought she would feature her work on A Poet’s Corner

Nursing Home Diaries is about nursing homes, assisted living and independent living for seniors. Patricia’s Mom was 96 when she passed away and used all three choices during her senior years.

Information about choices is always very important. Many people don’t know about assisted living which can be an excellent choice for many seniors. A little help with meals, laundry, cleaning, etc, but independent in a seniors own apartment. Some even allow seniors to have a pet.

Hip Resurfacing has been a big part of Patricia’s life. After she had her hip resurfacing in Belgium in 2006 by Dr. De Smet she felt people would like to learn about it. So she started Surface Hippy, but also thought a website about up to date hip resurfacing news would be a good resource for people.