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Smith & Nephew Press Conference about the Safety and Effectiveness of Hip Resurfacing with the BHR - Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Device

Review by Patricia Walter - May 6, 2010

Read complete article by clicking link below:

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Thanks Pat...for bringing great information to all our finger tips. From early on in my research of hip resurfacing I realized BHR was the only way to go (for me). Thanks



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I've been hoping to see more discussion on this topic.  I'm in the process of interviewing doctors and trying to pick one.  At the top of my list right now is Dr. Gross (he would be the only one on the list if he used the BHR).  The recent articles on the BHR all sound good, but the spin seems to be coming from the manufacturer (Smith & Nephew).  I have no idea which implants were used in the comparison.  Was the Biomet implant part of the study?  If not, why not?  Does anyone know (besides maybe Dr. Gross) how the design and metal components of the BHR and Biomet compare?
Dr. Gross, Uncemented Biomet, Left, March 2011

Pat Walter

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You can read the National Registries yourself to determine all the statistics - they are posted here

You can also read many of the medical studies yourself. Many are posted here

Hope that will help you determine more about the devices.  The manufacturers are not biased - they are presented the published data from the national registries and published medical studies.  It is not made up the them or the doctors.  Many doctors participate in both the medical studies and registry information, but it is statistical.

There is no study which compares the Biomet to the BHR.  The BHR is the most used in the world.  That is the fact.  No spin from Smith & Nephew. The Biomet has a coating on the inside of the femur component to help make the bone grow into it.  If you listen to Dr. Gross's video interview that I did, he explains the difference.

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It appears that both BHR and Biomet are very similar in design as far as their cemented device. I believe both units are of exceptional quality and proper installation by an experienced doctor would be a far more important decision. However, Biomet set themselves apart by offering the first FDA approved uncemented femoral device under the direction of Dr. Gross.

Inside the Biomet femoral cap is roughened titanium porous plasma spray coating to promote bone ingrowth. This is enhanced by the addition of a coating of 'Hydroxyapatite'. Coatings of hydroxyapatite are often applied to metallic implants (most commonly titanium/titanium alloys and stainless steels) to alter the surface properties. In this manner the body sees hydroxyapatite-type material which it is happy to accept. Without the coating the body would see a foreign body and work in such a way as to isolate it from surrounding tissues. (BHR uses this now on their acetabular commponet but not on the femural cap) This raises the question... if it works well for the acetabular why not the femoral device?

Again, this new technology has not yet been proven to be any better (or worse) in the long run. (though it has been proven superior in the acetabular component) However, in the few short years it has been implanted the performance of the Biomet has been equal to the BHR. Only time will tell which one will be a longer lasting method.

It appears both units use the same materials at a very high standard of manufacture.


Produced using the investment casting process from high carbon cobalt chrome in the As Cast micro-structural condition.



As-cast, high carbon/high carbide, CoCr substrate 


Good luck with whatever you choose!

Don C


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(2 wks out BHR 45 yo female)

...........what kind of pain? Incisional? In other parts of your leg e.g. thighs, calf? Groin?  Does it hurt to move only or constantly?  No fever/discharge from wound?
It is so hard to compare recoveries but that it sounds like you are in significan pain at 10 weeks which is different from what I am experiencing. 
Hang in there but do not discount your worries.........always worth a call to the MD's office. 
Good Luck



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