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Author Topic: Rock-Climber with L1 to S1 Spinal Fusion w. Nerve Damage, now Hip Arthritis  (Read 16435 times)

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Re: Rock-Climber with L1 to S1 Spinal Fusion w. Nerve Damage, now Hip Arthritis
« Reply #20 on: December 22, 2012, 01:23:01 PM »

I am not trying to sound like your mother but you need to start thinking about changing your exercise routines and realize life can be really great without the extreme forms And intensity. I read what you said about your wife and it really hit a string in me.  Much like you I lived for the gym, exercise, and the great outdoors.  I can tell you that more than half of my martial problems stemmed from me being angry that I would never be my old self again and holding on to a dream that I would return fully to a life that was a little more selfish than I had ever realized.  I told my wife before we got married that the only thing that I would never put up with is if she ever tried to come between me and the gym.  Realizing now, this activity aided to the process I have thought what I have made myself and own family endure mentally and financially.  Reinvention is a great thing and personal growth will happen if you don't fight yourself.   No matter what anyone tells you after surgery you will never be 100% the same.  You may feel amazing but you will not be the same. Change is coming embrace it.  I wish you only the best and pray your back gets negated after your hip surgery. 


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Sorry I have not posted in ages, but I'm going to try to do more as this forum really helped me as I combed through it 2 years when my life was falling apart.

Ross - you are so right that there's a life out of the gym. It's outside hiking, climbing, and biking! Hahaha ;D ! Yeah, I know...I'm doomed. At least my wife and I are seeing each other again.

Coming up on 15 months post-op R hip, 9 months Left. I can do a lot of things, but when I work out of a restricted range of motion it actually hurts.Right is bugging some days more than left. No doubt I am much better off than I was a year ago, but the first few steps of the day or rising from sitting are always tough.

I went climbing in Squamish a few days ago and followed up a multi-pitch with a buddy. That was a mistake, and I am just going to have to pull back on things that require such an extreme range of motion and torque on the hips, as it was painkillers and the cane when I went home that bed by 5! Sad, but I felt better in the morning and hiked up Grouse via the Grind, down the BCMC (because I forgot my pass for the gondola).

I was in Vegas at Red Rocks over New Year's and ran into a guy who coincidentally is also a climber and a BHR recipient (about 8 years ago). He said it took about 2 years for his hip to heal up, but he has squatted 400 lbs with that hip.

Rock-Climber with L1 to S1 Spinal Fusion (w. S1 to S4 nerve Damage); R Conserve+ Dr. Antoniou Feb 17,'12. L Conserve+ August 17, 2012 with Antoniou. Revisions to Synovo Cups in 2015 by Dr. Pritchett: R On January 12, L on June 9th, with femoral unit revised, too (TARA prosthesis from Biopro)

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Re: Rock-Climber with L1 to S1 Spinal Fusion w. Nerve Damage, now Hip Arthritis
« Reply #22 on: December 09, 2017, 12:09:06 AM »
Just in case you are still checking in, I am a 60 y/o climber from LA who just had a BHR put in.  I'd be happy to talk with you about your experience over the last years.



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