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4 months and 1 week+ a few days...
« on: March 14, 2009, 02:33:42 AM »

I have been posting my success in returning to kite surfing after only 3 months post surgery.  I have now been kiting for around one months time, usually 3-4 times a week.  The days usually involves driving to the spots, a half hours drive give or take a few minutes, a wind check which includes a walk on the beach with my 2 dogs for around 15 minutes, enough time for them to get some of their stuff out of them in more ways then one.  Then when its my turn, its usually in the water for around 1 and a half hours or more and then taking a break for around 30 minutes then going back out if its still good or if I have the time.  I face wave chops and I use my legs/knees as shock absorbers to that, my hip also takes some of it, but I don't notice.  I use a directional board so I jybe(switch my feet/stance) and then head back toward the shore, usually a smoother ride and then with chance to catch waves.  I can turn my hip freely, and have no problems at all at this.  I have taken some spills, again with no problems.  I have even taken some ramp waves at high rates of speed and landed with no worries to that.  So far my biggest airs since surgery has been just under 10' of air, a far cry from my higher 25" pre surgery jumps.  I feel comfortable to try for bigger airs but my goal is actually to SURF the wave and with the kite in nuetral.  I have also been slashing the lips of the waves and trying to do that while changing my direction that I am heading which my ankles have found to be not too fun if landing is wrong, or to pull off floaters(when a wave breaks and you ride the lip as it pitches out and continue in the same directions) which are alot safer and easier to pull off but yet can have its consequences.  So far the worst things to happen to me and all my fault are some tea bags(imagine God making tea with me as the tea and my kite the paper tab holdy thing and my lines connecting between) and then there were some ramps bumps at speed where one of my feet coming out of the straps and a board landing with only one foot, usually board not going the way I want it to, not pretty, but again..no hurt in the hip from that.  And then a bad landing of my kite coming in and I got a sand tea bag and a shoulder stretch, sand tasted good too on that one, but once again, hip did fine.  And the hard crashes on my shedding the lips landings, those really do hurt the ankles when not done right.  But all in all, the hip is really not even a thought of I am going to hurt it, its the rest of the body that is taking its share.  (keep in mind that I have had some of the most impressive days with no wipeouts and all perfect, conditions all time, out of this world days)  I usually stay at the beach for hours on end hanging with the friends and my dogs, walking in the sand and no limping, no pain, no later pain, no problems.  I am glad to say my stamina is back to normal and my taking of chances are unrestricted to me.  I am due to see my doctor first week of April for my check up, and am looking forward to seeing what my xrays will look like.  I once again will mention, my only strange feeling that I have since surgery is the scar and its little tingle or numbness here and there, I don't ice and I don't take pain pills-well not for the hip but did when one day my ankle was sore and I had to work that night.  I am writing this so as to encourage those that you can use it, and even abuse it, its in there pretty good.  Have fun doing what you love to do, as for me, if its windy..I am on it! 

Eric 8)
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Re: 4 months and 1 week+ a few days...
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2009, 04:30:41 PM »
Hi Eric

That sounds great fun.  Congratulations on getting back in there.    Just wondering... what are the sea and air temperatures at the moment with you?

I suppose the expression "hang in there" is particularly relevant for what you are doing?   ;D

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Re: 4 months and 1 week+ a few days...
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2009, 06:11:06 AM »

Sorry this reply is slightly later then I hoped, my schedule was pretty full.  The temp is a mirror perfect...meaning around 80's for air this time of year and a low of high 60's in the cold areas..we freeze when it anything less then 69%, yeah..we wimps.  The water this time of year ranges from 76 to around low 70, but if your near a river or cold water upwelling(water currents from the deep) then it feels even colder.  Wetsuit only if you want sun pertection(or body protection) or in water long time or going for a late evening session.  Sun sets around 6:45pm and last light is 7:30pm right now, and on a full moon you can go longer, sunrise is 6:15 and first light is like around 530 right now give or take...but I more of a show up to the beach around 10am unless somethings going on in either direction.(I work afternoon into the nite and on my day off..I watch sunsets consistently)

Its windy currently..been kiting the last 2 of 3 days..one day was an early shift at work, today was a kite/work day.  The wind is 10-20knots right now, but we like it stronger, but beggers can't be choosie and if it blows enough to kite-I go!

Tomorrows day..kite and take dogs with me to the beach, kite more, some beers,dogs on leash, kite some mores..doggie play...more beers..gotta love the days off..oh and supposed to go out to dinner with this date, but if its blowing hard at sunset, might be late...
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