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Background: I am a bilateral, 1 yr and a few days post-op. I was fortunate to have a very good and extensive phys therapy program from months 4-8 or so. I think my problem is that I'm not very good at continuing w/ the therapy things.

With that brief history, twice in the past month I have had pretty significant pain around my hip after pushing hard on bike rides. The 2 incidents have been similar and on either side - the first time just left hip affected, the second time, just the right. It's a situation where I feel a twinge of pain (seemingly on the outside of hip, near incision) while riding, briefly consider stopping, but when I let up the endorphins and easing make it ok, so I keep going. Yesterday, when I got off the bike, the pain in the hip was significant for a couple hours. No sharp pain anywhere, but a heavy dull pain. I couldn't lay in any position without pain. I was in bed for a couple hours; I could walk, but barely. Then it gradually went away. And I wasn't too concerned because when I had the less severe incident on the other side, the pain was similar, but after an hour of rest, I was able to do a lot of yardwork and projects around the house and the pain entirely went away. It was hard to diagnose an exact location for the pain - glutes, side of hip, and the front, it was all tender. One possible smoking gun: as pain was subsiding, it seemed the front area was the worst (in front, high on hip, near and above genital area - I think flexors or stabilizers are there).
My current theory is that the problem is caused by too much and too specific emphasis on cycling, and that the big muscle groups are sort of yanking the hip around. I had a bout of rotator cuff problems years back and the doc explained that if you are tired/overexert, the big muscle groups yank the shoulder joint around and cause pain in the joint, so the solution is to strengthen the little muscles that keep the precise movement.
I'm a bit concerned, but not terribly because there is no sharp pain, the initiator is very specific, and the problem recedes from awareness pretty quickly. I think all those things indicate a muscular-related issue, as opposed to problem with the resurfaced hip. But during the hr or 2 that it's there, the heavy dull pain itself seems to be deep down. Oh here's another tidbit: it's not a severe muscle pull. Now a day later, the muscles around the hip are a bit tender, but nothing is really sore, no hemotoma or anything. And when I was in the state of dull heavy pain, I poked and prodded all the muscles around there and while sore, nothing that seemed the cause of the pain.
I have my 1 yr followup in just over a week, but I'm nearly positive from a surgery standpoint, everything is fine. Mostly I'm wondering if any others have had these symptoms, whether my amateur diagnoses makes any sense, whether anybody has a recommendations.
Thanks and keep lookin' up,
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Re: Hip Soreness From Bicycle Riding
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Hi Dirk

Sorry to hear about your problem.

After my second BHR in March 2008 I've been exercising six days a week - intially walking, then cycling, concept two rowing and, after six months, light running.    Every so often I've had dull aches in my hips, thighs and knees - similar to your descriptions.     I've always traced it back to over-doing it - either on the day or cumulatively on successive days.

I'd agree, it feels like muscular pain but does get some nasty thoughts going on about "am I damaging my new hip joints".     The location of the pain suggests to me that it is related to the ilio-tibial band which runs rights down the upper leg and "refers" pain down to the knee.

My immediate remedy has been to ease off, ice the joint and take some ibuprofen - things which a non-hippy would do for similar muscle pain.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been practising "sensible" training, with an emphasis on hard day-easy day and a complete rest day each week.     In doing so, I've got rid of a lot of minor aches and pains - again, something which non-hippy exercisers get.   It is part of the "joy" of exercising.

Best wishes

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Last post-surgery goal (was: Hip Soreness From Bicycle Riding)
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Glad to report that I haven't had any recurrence of that issue I reported with the start of this thread. I was doing 2 x 25s (25 minutes at threshold on training device and then repeat) and in a hurry and didn't do much warmup when I had the 'injury.' I use quotes because it was better the next day. I think the lesson is that warm up may be more important to resurfaced patients. Duh.

Since my surgery, I haven't played hockey goalie yet, which was my primary recreational/sporting endeavor, but I have filled the void with more - and more focused - cycling. This transition started before the surgery when I had to stop hockey due to the limitations of arthritis.
My decision to have both hips done in near proximity (1 month apart) was in part because I didn't want to go through the rehab of over a year to get back into really good shape only to have to repeat the process for the other side. When I scheduled surgery in early 2008, I set a nominal goal of entering a sanctioned bicycle race (first time) in the following season (winter/spring 2009 in Arizona). A couple weekends ago, I did a local time trial hill climb and was very pleased with the results. The significant thing is that I now consider myself recovered. From now on, any other cycling goals will be just that: cycling goals, not post-surgery goals.
Here's a pic at the very end of the ride.

I just had a PM with somebody going for surgery soon, and I'll reiterate what a Godsend the surgery and recovery has been for me. I hope it goes as well for her and others. One other positive note - and these come frequently: we were talking with an ad hoc acquaintance and he mentioned hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. My wife and I got into some halfway serious planning for doing the same, and my resurfaced hips weren't even a consideration. It's only later when reflecting on blessing that it occurred how great it is to be able to consider these sorts of things.
From post post-recovery state,
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