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Author Topic: OKC VA wants to 'TRY' a re-surface...VA / OKC , NOT Putting Veterans First !  (Read 1110 times)

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See the response below,  I can say that I am embarassed on how Veterans are treated, but now I do know FIRST HAND . I am being denied access to a PRO-RESURFACE  specialist, when OTHER vets are getting access and successful BHR's.



I received the below response from my contact at the OKC/VAMC.  They are willing to do either of the two procedures below.  They cannot send you outside the VA if they have someone that does the procedure within their system. 


Mr. Clark submitted his request for assistance to both Congresswoman Fallin’s office and Senator Coburn’s office.  Below is our response.


Dr. John Tompkins, Chief of Orthopedics, has reviewed Mr. Clark’s case and the conclusion is that his best course of treatment would be a total hip arthroplasty.  Dr. Tompkins recommendation is based on the “Gold Standard of Care” which indicates that this method has a very long and proven record of success and the patient receives the highest level of benefit.  However, we are prepared to offer hip resurfacing as one of our staff orthopedic surgeons is fully trained in this method and has had success in the procedures that he has performed.  Since we offer both of these procedures here at our VA, we would not be able to fee out this case to the private sector. "


R BHR, April 2011, Dr. Crofford, Ft. Worth Texas


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Re: Hope
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2009, 10:25:58 PM »
As of today,  I was able to get moved around and get a date of 29 JUNE 2009  in NYC.  This will be at the VA Bronx with Dr. Su and Dr. Gulotta !

I know it is subject to change due to a variety of factors within the VA, but now at least, I have hope!

I really think I might cry:

1) if it really happens and is a great success
2) if the VA admin  flakes out  and nixes it

Lets pray for # 1
R BHR, April 2011, Dr. Crofford, Ft. Worth Texas

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That's great news Jay.

Good Luck.

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