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Doing great at 4 weeks - what should I watch out for?
« on: April 22, 2009, 03:00:04 PM »
I got RBHR 4 weeks ago - recovery has been steady and seemingly quick.  I have no pain, no muscular soreness, no apparent limited range of motion - (haven't tried exceeding 90 degress)  My visiting PT people say I've reached their objectives.  I'm walking without the limp, stairs are easy, the only real evidence of the surgery is the foot-long incision - which is doing fine too. 

My question is - am I just having a honeymoon that will likely end?  how do I know what I shouldn't do?  What should I be watching out for?  Do other people really have it this easy?  I'm 64 and not especially athletic - walking makes my back get tired - but that is like it was long before the surgery.  Can people really get back to normal in a month?  It's almost too good to be true.  Thanks for any thoughts you may offer.   


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Re: Doing great at 4 weeks - what should I watch out for?
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2009, 03:53:38 PM »
I've read about many recoveries that are a lot like yours.  You may have some days when you get sore if you push it too much but @ 4 weeks post-op you are well on your way to good healing and rehab.

One thing I would tell you, follow your doctors advice, do not push beyond the limits that your doctor sets because you are still at risk for problems if you do push it. 

My doctor always pushed lots of walking on your new hip, but again, follow your doctor's advice.

Glad to hear you are doing well and welcome to the forum.

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Re: Doing great at 4 weeks - what should I watch out for?
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2009, 10:19:21 PM »
Hi Arby

Many people have easy recoveries.  You just need to listen to your body.  If you do more and the next day your are in pain or have swelling, then you have done too much. 

You still have a lot of healing to do, but nothing says you have to be in pain while you are healing.  Walking is probably one of the best exercises that most doctor recommend. 

If you got to 4 weeks without much pain or problems, there would be no reason to think you should encournter any unless you start to do things which your doctor does not recommend. 

Take it easy and enjoy your new hip.  You will be amazed 6 months or a year from now - you won't even think about it.

Good Luck.


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Re: Doing great at 4 weeks - what should I watch out for?
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2009, 05:06:14 PM »
 Hi All,

I was about the same at 4 weeks.  IMO there is no need to try to push it to see your limitations.  The bone has to heal and grow into the socket and this takes time.  I would take it eary and listen to your doc.  In time you will be able to do more and more.
At 8 day out I walked without a walker or cane by accident.  I went to a rehab center and a nurse came in and had to draw blood.  She said she was in a hurry.  I was in the bathroom washing up and hurried.  I walked over to her and sat in a chair to have my blood drawn, then when she finished I realized i didn't have my walker but left it in the bathroom.  I was OK without it even at that early time after surgery.  After that I did use it then a cane ALL the time until I was comfortable with no assistance.  About 5 weeks.



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Re: Doing great at 4 weeks - what should I watch out for?
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2009, 02:02:25 PM »
Seriously, when I was at 4 weeks and feeling great, I had to start researching every thing I could on recoveries since I was seeming to be going so smooth.  I watched the 3 videos of a resurface in here to understand everything that happened to me and to remind me that I had a serious surgery.  I read the doctors notes on how bones grow to the metal that was put in you.  I researched the muscles that were cut, moved, and pulled-to understand why my muscles were weak and how to get them back into shape.  I think what I am saying is at the month after mark, and your feeling like so good that you have to remind yourself that you got a surgery, do the research on your body and the surgery, to keep REMINDING YOU that you had such a major surgery and to keep YOU from overdoing yourself.(that researching on the computer kept me at home in front of the computer)  It worked for me for about one more month, then I kind of started to enjoy my new hip..and it was hard keeping me home.

Well, not exactly what one whould think is something to watch for, but bet it puzzles some when feeling great after surgery.


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Re: Doing great at 4 weeks - what should I watch out for?
« Reply #5 on: May 03, 2009, 04:43:33 PM »
I also researched recoveries and was anxious to return to impact sports I love since I was doing so well.  My physical therapist had to remind me to stick to Dr. Su's post-op protocol.  She added exercises that demonstrated to me that I wasn't ready to return to downhill skiing at five months.  I was lucky to continue most sports that I do to within 3 months of surgery.  I wasn't that disabled before surgery so my recovery was faster.  I read where some athletes do an running event a month before surgery and three to five months after surgery do another running or triatholon event.

Other patients suffer for years before surgery and are so crippled they are almost in a wheel chair. Of course, their recovery is going to be much longer, since their muscles need to be retrained.
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Re: Doing great at 4 weeks - what should I watch out for?
« Reply #6 on: July 16, 2009, 10:39:52 PM »
I am 5 weeks post op and getting frustrated with my transition from home PT to outpatient PT.  I want to push myself as hard as is healthy, but feel that the outpatient PT is almost starting fresh.  Any resources available on how far I can go?

I am pain free unless I push to 90 degrees - then it is a bit annoying.  Laughable, though, in comparison to pre op. 


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