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Dr. Gross Patients
« on: May 20, 2009, 06:36:28 PM »
I am scheduled for surgery with Dr.Gross in SC this coming July.  I was wondering if anyone who had surgery with Dr. Gross would be willing to share their experiences with me. My son is getting married about 8 weeks after the surgery and I am concerned about what kind of shape I'll be in. Will I still be limping? Will I be able to dance with him?  Do you feel the metal? Are you happy with your results? Do you feel like it was as successful as you were expecting? Can you run without pain? Are you able to stand all day? Do you suffer with any stiffness in the morning?  Do you trust your hip climbing steps and ladders? Would you recommend Dr. Gross to others?
Thanks for your input.
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Re: Dr. Gross Patiences
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2009, 07:53:46 PM »

If you PM me I will get you in touch with a gal (Lisa) who was operated by Dr. G last October 22nd I am sure she would be glad to talk to you.

Me personally I was golfing at around 8 weeks with a slightly awkward gait.  I was never able to feel the metal as to whether it was succesful. YES!  It was.  Pre-op I could not walk 100 yards without sitting, now I am doing things I've not done in years, I can stand all day without any problems.  I have some very slight startup stiffness the first 2 steps if I sit a while but no pain, it's all gone.

Dr. Gross has one of the best pain management protocols in this country, so don't worry about the pain, I NEVER had more pain post op than I ever had pre-op, most of the time a lot less pain.

If your surgery goes like most all of Dr. Gross's surgeries you will be dancing at your Son's wedding.  If you search this forum you'll find MANY happy Dr. Gross patients.

Best of luck to you in walking straight lines without pain.

RH/Biomet U/C Dr. Gross/Lee Webb


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Re: Dr. Gross Patiences
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2009, 08:00:32 AM »
Hey Jenny....another Dr. Gross patient.

I'm going to just "paste" in some info and tips I send to newbies asking about Dr. Gross and the surgery with him.

Let me know (you can email me directly), if you have any specific questions.

My story and very bad xrays are on Pat's site under "patient stories" / "Dr. Gross" / "Karen Mitchell".

Here's some info on the knowledge I learned about Dr. Gross:
Dr. Gross is very advanced (for example):

  • He's done over 1800 hip resurfacings
    He does minimal invasive surgery (small 4 inch incision)
    He uses your blood to make a mixture to put in the femur cap and along the incision for bone growth and faster incision healing
    He uses a bandage that is some kind of bio-bandage that you can take a shower in and don't have to change at all until 10 days post-op where you take it  off for good
    He uses a certain cocktail of meds for nausea and pain management
    He has them even put a patch behind your ear (for nausea) before surgery
    He has been involved in Conserve (and presently) Biomet medical studies.
    The Biomet parts he uses in patients (cementless) --- HE designed for better stress resistance and bone growth.
    He is a young man as far as doctors go
    I have been told by other posters from the board, that he finished some of his "fellowships" in his career in a way the most doctors envy
    He REALLY knows what he's doing, and has it down to a science
    He takes on very complex cases (you can see my story on Pat's site)
    He doesn't tell you bologna
    He's quite strict with hospital personnel when it comes to the care of his patients
    He's NOT a pompous ass
    He explains your situation in a way that is not over your head
    post-surgery, he gives you a detailed written report of everything done during your surgery

SOME Tips:

  • Prepare your home - move loose wires/rugs/things you might trip on.
    Figure out which shower (if you have 2 bathrooms) is easiest to get in and out of with help
    Don't bring a ton of stuff to the hospital, you'll never use it
    Clothes that you bring should be loose or oversized
    Make sure the hospital keeps your ice machine full of cold ice all night (they will send you home with the ice machine)
    The first 5 days at home is a little tough because you are trying to figure out how to manueve
    FOLLOW any restrictions Dr. Gross gives you - guard your hip!
    Use the at home tools they will give you (grabber, sock-putter=oner, shoe horn)
    Don't live in your bed at home..get up move about...then rest in another room
    Use LOTS of pillows, and ICE every possible minute, it keeps the bruising to a minimum
    YOu can add extra ice by using ziplock bags (besides the ice machine hip wrap they give you)
    Do the phase I exercises faithfully (it will be tough at first, this is normal)
    Take your meds, and your blood thinners, etc.
    Your leg will be a bit like a useless log - don't be afraid, this will pass in a couple of weeks
    You may have a sensation of clunking in your new hip...this is normal and will pass in later months
    Don't do anything stupid to "see if you can do it now"....protect your hip
    Switch up chairs, try the kitchen one, the couch, etc...find your happy place
    If you have pets, keep them at bay by using your crutch (I have 3 dogs)
    Make sure you have help at home
    You may get depressed, emotional, angry, etc... this is normal
    try to get outside for a few minutes, and after a couple of weeks..have someone drive you to the store or mall and you can zip around in one of those cool driving carts
    At the hospital, try to take a shower using the "sit down" chair....you will feel great.
    TRY .... TRY to do what the PT folks ask of you even if you feel like crap....try!

I walked like quasimoto (hunchback of Notre Dame), and it got worse and worse....now post 1 year, I'm doing P90x (starting my 7th week this Saturday). Loving life, and getting fit....and my case was very bad (I had great bone to work with though - good density). My pelvis was all mis-aligned because of my hip.

NO MORE BONE GRINDING PAIN!!! I can tie my shoe, clip my toenails, put my op-leg over my non-op leg (sitting like a guy does), squat to pick something off the floor, etc. Absolutely very happy with the outcome.... :)
RH Biomet 56/50 uncemented / Dr. Gross (SC) 04/02/08


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Re: Dr. Gross Patiences
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2009, 08:58:24 AM »

See, another happy Dr. Gross patient.  What can I say, you can't argue with near perfection.

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RH/Biomet U/C Dr. Gross/Lee Webb


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Re: Dr. Gross Patiences
« Reply #4 on: May 21, 2009, 08:47:44 PM »
Thank you all for your replies.  I'm nervous about surgery and am grateful your positive feedback.

John C

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Re: Dr. Gross Patiences
« Reply #5 on: May 21, 2009, 09:06:30 PM »
I had my surgery with Dr. Gross on June 16 of last year. I think the world of Dr Gross, Lee Webb, and the rest of the team. He is very bright, very caring, and constantly searching for ways to make the procedure, and the experience for his patients, better and better.
Here is a short version of my own experience.
1. At my first appointment about eight months before surgery, Dr. Gross spent an incredible amount of sincere and thorough time helping me to consider whether there were options other than resurfacing that I should consider; and then, after sending me across the street for a CT scan, he met with me again after office hours to go over the scans, and confirm that resurfacing was my only viable option.
2. Prior to surgery, his assistant, Lee Webb, provided the best personal and emotional support that I have ever witnessed in the medical field.
3. The experience in the hospital was comfortable, virtually painless, and very well orchestrated by great people.
4. My first month at home was more difficult and painful than most, I believe due to a failed stem cell treatment that had been performed by another doctor (against Dr. Gross's advice), that left me on crutches and in serious pain for almost two months prior to my resurfacing.
5. At five weeks, I was starting to get off crutches and canes, and the clunking sensations in the hip were starting to go away; starting to walk normally at six weeks with my old limp going away; and long hikes, with lots of gym work at 8 weeks. So I believe that you will be dancing.
6. I started skiing hard every day at six months, and am now windsurfing and surfing every day; so I would have to say that it is successful.
In answer to your questions; I did have a lot of disturbing clunking and clicking that made me aware of the metal over the first month, but that has gradually gone away over time, and is no longer an issue; I still have some weakness and soreness in the soft tissue, which continues to improve; yes I can run without pain in my hip, but the rest of my body would rather I didn't; every athlete my age (58) wakes up stiff and sore in the morning, but my hip is not an issue there; since I can now stand up straight for the first time in a dozen years, standing all day is not an issue; I trust my hip to do anything that the rest of my body can do, including steps and stairs, jumping out of a helicopter into deep powder snow, and jumping my windsurfer over 10 foot waves; lastly, I have many friends and clients that are surgeons, I have consulted with many others, and I would absolutely recommend Dr. Gross in the highest possible way.

John/ Left uncemented Biomet/ Dr Gross/ 6-16-08
Right uncemented Biomet/Dr Gross/ 4/25/18


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