Author Topic: Tremendous pain in quad after surgery and massive discolouration  (Read 1952 times)

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Just had a successful hip resurfacing, i.e. surgery went well.
I am 41 year old male in very good shape.

Was able to walk day after surgery. I didn't experience much pain at the incision site but started to notice very bad pain in my quad shortly after surgery. I mentioned this to Dr's and nurses but they only responded with a quizzical look.

Was discharged 3rd day after surgery. Could walk up and downstairs almost full weight bearing (albeit very slowly).

2nd day at home experienced most unbearable pain I have ever had. My quad was in agaony and there was massive discoloration on the back of my leg on the hamstring.
It looked like the blood was pooling.

Went back to see Dr. and he had me come off blood thinner immediately as that my have contributed to the bleeding and swelling.
He mentioned that when they did my surgery they noticed my leg had very large muscle mass (due to many years of sports), and that they had to go through more layers than usual. Also said that it may have been more difficult for the blood to clot due to high muscle mass.

I am still in pain but the colour seems to be changing fro red to purplish. My wife thinks that this is a good sign.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? If so what was the progression, solution?

Thanks for any response.


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Re: Tremendous pain in quad after surgery and massive discolouration
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2009, 01:30:56 AM »
 ???  Yikes --  that sounds scary.  When I was in the hospital three weeks ago, I met another resurfacing man who had had his first side done a year and a half earlier.  He mentioned that his leg had turned totally black and blue all up and down.  I decided then to do tons and tons of icing and elevating.  I spent 4 to 5 hours per day the first week in my polar packs and most of each night with hips and upper thighs wrapped up in them.  Other times when I was not trying to walk, I spent with legs elevated.  Swelling went down very quickly and no bruising.  Perhaps you can turn things around with something like this... 

The best to you, Marilyn
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Re: Tremendous pain in quad after surgery and massive discolouration
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2009, 09:13:53 AM »
Ice ice ice ice ice!! That is truly the best thing you can do!

Good luck, sounds like you are getting better already.

Right BHR Dr. Rector July 15, 2009


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Re: Tremendous pain in quad after surgery and massive discolouration
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2009, 09:33:40 AM »
I had lots of discoloration on the back of my legs for 4-6 weeks afterwards. It takes  long time for the bruising in the muscles to go away, there is a good deal of excess fluid as you know. Both my legs were swollen to twice thier normal size and felt like chunks of dead wood. Ice machine helps a lot, walk when you can and when you are not on your feet elevate you legs. I slept with pillows under my knees ad calves help drain excess fluids.



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