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7 Days Post Op Resurfacing Aussies
« on: September 30, 2009, 07:12:40 AM »
Hi Everyone,

I am now 7 days post op. Wow, what a ride!! Dr. Lawrence Kohan and his anesthetist, Dr. Dennis Kerr in Sydney Australia performed my RBHR at 1030 on the morning of 24th September. I was in my own lounge room at midday on Friday 25th September, pain free, and suffering only mild discomfort.

I awoke in my bed at 1430 after the operation with a very clear head. No effects of anesthetic. My leg was numb from my waist to my knee and had a large ice pack strapped to my leg including a rolled compression bandage.

The nurses were administering pain tablets that included paracetamol, Nurofen and Tramadol. At 1730 Dr. Kerr administered a long lastong local anesthetic through a catheter placed through my incision and all the way to the BHR. This eliminated the discomfort and any other pain. This was again administered at 0230 the following morning and at 1000 when I was discharged.

Three and a half hours post surgery the nursing staff had me walking the corridor with a walking frame. I utilised this walker to facilitate the passing of urine three times throughout the night. I did not sleep particularly well but managed to achieve some five hours sleep. No morphine was administered.

Prior to discharge, a physiotherapist instructed me on the use of crutches and under the supervision of Dr. Kerr, had me walking, and climbing stairs using only one crutch. Further, I was given a booklet of excercises that I was required to start performing. They included foot paddling, thigh tightening, gluteal tightening, lying knee raises, hip abduction, knee extensions, standing hip flexion and standing hip extension

Friday afternoon I manged to walk to the end of my street and back (using two crutches). A distance of 500 metres. I slept particularly well on Friday evening.

Saturday afternoon (2 days post op) I managed to walk approximately 800 metres, but started to feel off colour at dinner. This continued through to Monday morning, but I awoke feeling great.

On Monday afternoon I managed to walk 1 kilometre with the aid of both crutches. Tuesday morning I was due to see Dr. Kohan for my first post op visit (6 days post op). My dressings were changed, and he advised that I keep the walking up and see him the following week. He further advised that I can walk with one crutch, a walking stick or nothing. However, I must ensure that I do not fall. On Tuesday afternoon I again managed to walk 1 kilometre but with a walking stick only.

Today is seven days post op and I managed to walk 1.5 kilometres with no assistance. However, I do take a crutch when I am in the shopping centre.

I am blown away at my progress. The only real issue is tight gluteals and quadricep. The pain I have had in my lower right back for the past two years has gone, and each day my left knee has less and less pain. My left neck no longer hurts. I have been religous with my excercises and look forward to increasing the distances I walk.

I have followed many of you through your procedures and recovery. I noted the many different issues that you have all experienced and read many of the blogs from the very qualified surgeon community. This website has certainly made me feel confident to go through with this procedure as my active lifestyle came to a screaming halt around twelve months ago. I know it is very early days for me, but if my short time progess is any indication I am very confident of my long term future.

The team that Dr.Kohan surounds himself with are both astute and caring. This includes his practise staff and the wonderful crew at the St. Lukes Private Hospital. They have all made this journey very easy for my wife and I.

For those of you who are still contemplating having this procedure do not hesitate. Make sure you are informed and confident with the team that will get you back on your legs. Finally, I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Kohan & Dr. Kerr. If you think that is appropriate for you, come to Sydney and have Dr. Kohan get you walking again.

I will keep you updated of my progress.




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Re: 7 Days Post Op Resurfacing Aussies
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2009, 10:43:46 AM »
congratulations david,sounds like you had a good op and was raring to go.
lbmh 16th october 2008


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Re: 7 Days Post Op Resurfacing Aussies
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2009, 02:09:47 PM »
Only 24 hours in hospital after a hip resurfacing - that must be a world record??

Fantastic.  Good luck with your recovery


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Re: 7 Days Post Op Resurfacing Aussies
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2009, 04:05:20 PM »
Hi David

Congratulations on the new hip - you are an official Surface Hippy now.  Glad to hear things went so well for you.  Thanks for taking time to share your story for others to read.

I hope your recovery continues going well for you.  In a few months, you won't even think about your hip.  It is amazing how quickly such a major surgery can become just a memory when you have recovered.

Be careful and patient.  That is the most important thing early on in your recovery.

Keep in touch.  Good Luck.

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Re: 7 Days Post Op Resurfacing Aussies
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2009, 05:15:36 PM »
Hey David,

Brilliant progress mate, it's great being pain free !!!

Best wishes mate

LBHR 23/01/2009 Mr Mcminn



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