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Doctor Gross info and tips (Final Version)
« on: October 25, 2009, 04:38:30 PM »
The below information has been submitted by Karen, John and other patients of Dr. Gross.  It's being posted as helpful info for Dr. Gross patients to be.

Also check this patients story, the story is written by a nurse (Steve) read his interesting perspective and tips: http://www.surfacehippy.info/hipstories09/stevegross09.php

Info on Dr. Gross

-He's done over 2,200 hip resurfacings
-He does minimal invasive surgery (small 4 inch incision)
-He uses your blood to make a mixture to put in the femur cap and along the incision for bone growth and faster incision healing
-He uses a bandage that is some kind of bio-bandage that you can take a shower in and don't have to change at all until 10 days post-op where you take it  off for good
-He uses a certain cocktail of meds for nausea and pain management
-He has them even put a patch behind your ear (for nausea) before surgery
-He has been involved in Conserve (and presently) Biomet medical studies.
-The Biomet parts he uses in patients (cementless) --- HE designed for better stress resistance and bone growth.
-He is a young man as far as doctors go
-I have been told by other posters from the board, that he finished some of his "fellowships" in his career in a way the most doctors envy
-He REALLY knows what he's doing, and has it down to a science
-He doesn't tell you bologna
-He's quite strict with hospital personnel when it comes to the care of his patients
-Dr. Gross does not rush you out during his appointment with you, he will sit and answer any question you may have.
-He's NOT a pompous ass
-He explains your situation in a way that is not over your head
post-surgery, he gives you a detailed written report of everything done during your surgery
-Has a great pain protocol, you will feel very little pain post-op, the next few days you will be some discomfort.

SOME Tips:

-A laptop is a great tool to have in the hospital, the hospital has wi-fi.
-Prepare your home - move loose wires/rugs/things you might trip on.
-Figure out which shower (if you have 2 bathrooms) is easiest to get in and out of with help
-Don't bring a ton of stuff to the hospital, you'll never use it
-Clothes that you bring should be loose or oversized, oversized sport shorts (silky material) are very handy.
-Make sure the hospital keeps your ice machine full of cold ice all night (they will send you home with the ice machine)
-The first 5 days at home is a little tough because you are trying to figure out how to manuever
-FOLLOW any restrictions Dr. Gross gives you - guard your hip!
-Use the at home tools they will give you (grabber, sock-putter=oner, shoe horn)
-Don't live in your bed at home..get up move about...then rest in another room.
-Use LOTS of pillows, and ICE every possible minute, it keeps the bruising to a minimum
-You can add extra ice by using ziplock bags (besides the ice machine hip wrap they give you)
-Do the phase I exercises faithfully (it will be tough at first, this is normal)
-Your leg will be a bit like a useless log - don't be afraid, this will pass in a couple of weeks
-You may have a sensation of clunking in your new hip...this is normal and will pass in later months
-Don't do anything stupid to "see if you can do it now"....protect your hip
-Switch up chairs, try the kitchen one, the couch, etc...find your happy place
-If you have pets, keep them at bay by using your crutch (I have 3 dogs)
-Make sure you have help at home
-You may get depressed, emotional, angry, etc... this is normal
-Try to get outside for a few minutes, and after a couple of weeks..have someone drive you to the store or mall and you can zip around in one of those cool driving carts
-At the hospital, try to take a shower using the "sit down" chair....you will feel great.
-TRY .... TRY to do what the PT folks ask of you even if you feel like crap....try!
-Book first class airline seats for the trip home, even if you normally never would.
-Take advantage of the wheelchair assistance if you have to move through any big airports, like Atlanta. The Columbia airport is a breeze.
-If you have any time in airports between flights, find a way to elevate your leg.
-Many of us found recliners to be our favorite spot for the first couple of weeks.
-When I had my surgery with Dr Gross, my wife stayed in the Marriot next to the hospital while I was still checked in so that she could just walk over. We chose to stay a couple of days before flying back, and moved to the Marriot Residence, which is about three blocks away, and has full suites with kitchens and a small living area.
-With Dr Gross's protocols, the entire hospital/surgical experience is usually very easy. The first week or two at home was challenging for some of us, so be prepared with lots of physical and emotional support.
-Some driving tips, make sure on your trip you do “foot pumps” and make sure you stop every 1 ˝ to 2 hours to get out and move around.  Bring a plastic bag with you, it can be placed on your seat making it easier for you to rotate your hip into a seated position.
-You will receive a polar care 3000 ice water pump machine, keep it going when you get home, it will keep the swelling and pain down.
-You may feel nauseous post-op, this is normal and it will cease in a day or so.

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Re: Doctor Gross info and tips (Final Version)
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2011, 05:01:41 PM »
Thank you VERY much for such great information!

I have read about certain restrictions:  don't bend past 90 degrees, don't lift more than 20 lbs, 50 lbs, don't turn your toe inward.  Is there any information about how long these sorts of restrictions are in place, or is it dependent on the individual?
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