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29 year old hip resurfacing
« on: October 30, 2010, 10:28:37 PM »
 Very bad pain I can not straighten out my leg no more my hip is shot really bad I'm going to get a left hip resurface with a doctor that is very well recommended and have Hurd nothing but good from his patients he has done about 15 hip resurfacing with only 1 failure after reading and reading on this web site about the experience that a doctor must have I guess everybody will disagree with me about the doctor that being said the top doctors had to start at 1 in order to get to the numbers that they are at know I'm very positive and confident that this will come out fine if not I'm ready to deal with it as it comes my income and insurance don't allow me to go to a well known doctor so I'm doing what I can becouse know I'm in so much pain it's not cool I got 4 daughters and they are hurting just to see me in so much pain now this is a good website the only thing is why don't these doctors put how many revisions or failures they had this will help for the people that can choose a doctor my thinking is this I think that experience is great but they are bad days and not everything is perfect my job is done better with experience I'm a heating and air conditioning technician and theore experience the better bit ever since I started this trade I gave it my all and took pride on my work so my doctor seems like that type of guy and the best thing of all and any doctor I got faith and god on my side I'm waiting to get my life back just waiting on a surgery date

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Re: 29 year old hip resurfacing
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2010, 11:08:48 PM »
You are correct that all doctors had to start at their first resurfacing.  Some people chose those surgeons and others don't have a choice.  The only reason I suggest using the best is that the retention rate is now 96% in the US. It was 99% before the inexpeirnced US doctors started doing resurfacings.  So the odds are that only 4 in 100 patients have problems.  If you want to try to not have problems and be one of those 4, then I suggest the very expeirnced surgeons.  I don't think that is really bad odds anyways.  Here is information about those stats  http://www.surfacehippy.info/bhrhistory.php   

The only thing about a top professional athlete or top surgeon is that on their bad day - it is still better than the average's best day.  They are very consistent.

I understand that you need to get out of pain and are very young. I am glad you found out about hip resurfacing.  I hope you will post so we can follow your progress and also post your doctors name for future patients in your area.

Good LUck.

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Re: 29 year old hip resurfacing
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2010, 03:53:45 AM »
Hi Jerry,
I think as long as you are informed and have good communication with your doctor you will be okay.  It sounds like he has been honest with you and from what I heard many docs are not telling the truth on how many resurfacings they have done.  I know the instrumentation used in conjunction with Cormet device is quite helpful for surgeons and makes measuring and implantation easier.  That is what I read in a few studies. That is what my surgeon used in the past so I went with that device, mainly because that is what he had experience with.  I really like the clinical history on the BHR device but did not want to dictate the device used to my surgeon.  I wanted use the device he was most comfortable with.
I spoke with a few senior orthopedic surgeons in Sweden and in Canada and many do not like to do re-surfacing at all, mainly because they are not satisfied with the clinical history.  The Swedish hip registry (the hip registry revered by orthopedic surgeons globally) no longer recommends using resurfacing in Sweden at all except for study purposes.  That scared me, but I went for it anyway in Canada where we still have surgeons who will do it. 
 I cannot believe my strength in going with my instinct in having a resurfacing.  I prey it works out for me, but I also understand the risks.  I may have a breakdown if I do have an early failure, but will focus on the implant being a success, even with my less experienced surgeon (20-30 resurfacings) and small cut size.  e and my surgeon only did around 25 resurfacings.  He is known as a good surgeon and I felt comfortable with him.  I was not just another surgery for him I was a difficult resurfacing case, and I feel he gave me that extra special attention.
I am not 5 weeks post op and feel great! Everything is on schedule with regard to normal progression of others on the site.  Good luck to you.


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