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6 Week Report
« on: May 03, 2011, 11:37:06 AM »
Hey everybody, just wanted to share where I am and ask for some ideas, plus give a little inspiration.

For starters, I have my first Surface Hippy "EYEBALL" with Philwad next week. He;s coming into my area and we plan to meet. It will be so cool to put a face to the text. I might try to get him out on a 10 mile run (just kidding).

Guess what? I can put my socks on!!!! I am so elated. No more sock thingamajig. I even was able to take my dog for a one mile walk and I didn't need to use a cane. My Doc lifted my restrictions this week and just told me to listen to my body.

I am riding my stationary bike 1 hour 3 x a week and swimming another 3 x a week. I can finally get in aero position (first time in 7 months with no pain). Each workout I try to spend 1/4 of the workout in aero to get used to feel and stretch. No problem with range of motions but have not tried to stand up and pedal.  I think I will wait a few more weeks for that.  Anyone else tried to ride out of saddle? Plan to take bike on open rode at week 8.

I've resumed weight lifting and pretty much back to where I was before surgery except no heavy leg work. My leg workouts are leg extensions, seated leg curls, seated calf raises and leg press on machine not past 90 degree mark.

Scar tissue hurts a little and feels real hard.  Doc said to massage it every day. Any other recommendations?

Only issue is slight limp, a little back pain and NON OPERATED HIP PAIN (boy i wish I had both done at same time). It is real hard to stand on non-op leg to do certain exercises. I really need to get the other one done.  I dont want to take any more pain meds but it looks like I might have to. Doc asked if I needed any more meds and I said no. Wrong answer! I should have told her I was in so much pain I couldn't walk. Despite my x-rays (she says my hip is that on a 70 year old), she gauges need for surgery by pain. I am going to have to crank up the pain act. I have a high threshold for pain and will continue till I can't walk. I don;t want to wait for then.

As for the limp, Doc said my abductors/inductors are very weak. PT and trainer at gym are helping me focus on exercises to strengthen muscle area to see if limp resides. If you have any real good exercises send them my way. I think I get the most benefit from weighted side legs.

I can't believe the relief an progress made by this device. Each week I see more and more progress. It gets better every week. Lord just hurry up and give me some patience!

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Re: 6 Week Report
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2011, 12:44:10 PM »

Make sure you can stand up on your trainer before heading outside on your bike. Don't rush going outdoors until you feel strong enough...you don't want to risk a fall. I was told not to ride outside until 5 months, but there are lots of hippys on this site who have ridden sooner, some even at 5 weeks.

Definitely massage the scar...it will break up the scar tissue. Use unscented oil or cream.

Besides the side leg lifts, do lots of clams and standing abduction, adduction, flexion, and extension with bands.

When are you and Phill meeting and where? Let me know and if I can make it to see you guys I will. I live in Woodbridge VA!



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Re: 6 Week Report
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2011, 03:40:48 PM »
Hey Hip, congrats on the socks! amazing how some small things just are great accomplishments. Be careful with the leg presses. I have been fine with some leg press machines, especially the one at PT, but some have strange angles and have caused me pain (felt like a slight pull) on the groin muscle area. Took a couple of days to clear up, so be careful with that - seems like my thigh muscles are just fine, but the muscles around the affected area neeed to catch up - we need to let them.

I still do leg presses, just do them with a lower amount of weight. Upper body stuff is fine, staying away from free weights for now, seeing as I would just be tempted to do my old stuff. Nautilus / others for me for the near future.

I'd really suggest a foam roller for when you start stretching. It works on the IT band and later on the incision itself. I've also gone to an understanding massage therapist (working to be a nurse) who continues what the PT started - massage on the scar itself to loosen up anything binding there.

I also do a lot of balancing. This started in PT - first balancing in shoes on the floor for 30sec. Then barefoot balancing for the same amount of time, proceeding to balancing on a small pillow or foam pad to make things more challenging, then taking a ball (volleyball or soccer) with both hands and make figure 8's in front of you while balancing on the pad/pillow for 30 seconds. I do this in front of the TV frequently, helps those little stabilizers.

I'm starting to do some martial art stances, little by little, but that's for a smaller audience.
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Re: 6 Week Report
« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2011, 04:06:14 PM »
Nice update HnH. You're doing great.

Two suggestions: 1. Gentle erg work (rowing machine) to gently rebuild leg strength and increase ROM. I waited until about week 9 but you may be ready now. 2. At the pool spend 10 minutes doing abduction, adduction exercises against water resistance (either with a flotation belt, noodle, or back to the pool deck holding the pool side, or whatever works) - good for gentle rebuild and ROM.

I was outside on the bike at about 10 weeks - felt fine but the hip got tired more quickly than I expected, so maybe keep the loops close to home at first!

I like Hernan's balance exercise suggestions and I do the clam stuff June suggests.

Good luck and have fun.


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Re: 6 Week Report
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2011, 08:02:38 PM »
Great to hear about your progress!  It gives me a lot of hope that I'll be able to do a whole lot more in a few weeks!
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Re: 6 Week Report
« Reply #5 on: May 03, 2011, 09:01:24 PM »
Guess what? I can put my socks on!!!! I am so elated. No more sock thingamajig. I even was able to take my dog for a one mile walk and I didn't need to use a cane.

Man you're doing great! When you can ditch the cane and the sock thingamajig, life is good.
I'll bet your dog is happier too!
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