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Doctor David Dore (Orlando)---My RAVE !
« on: February 27, 2012, 02:29:39 PM »
Well I am a "newbie" here now too..just had my resurfacing 3 weeks ago. I have been reading this site for about a year to get LOTS of info and THANKS to everyone and their stories, it helped a lot.
I never thought I would actually join and post anything, thought I would just be another patient and statistic, but with my success I am now so impressed and excited I just feel like putting it out there.
So now that I am 3 weeks post op, I am going to put out 2 different posts/messages here.
First about my doctor, my rave about him, and my second will be my story, only because it seems it was beyond successful, impressive, and maybe somewhat unusual.
First on my doctor/surgeon, Dr. David Dore.
Of course when I knew I was going to go for resurfacing I looked all over here for doctor recommendations and opinions.
I also did meet with one doctor in the Tampa area and just didn't feel good about it, and also didn't want to do all of this in the Tampa area, as I am in Orlando.
I did a search here of course for an Orlando surgeon, and nothing really popped up. Dr. Dore only actually shows up in ONE post and that was from way back in 2008.
I sat on that for awhile and then thought, if he was doing it in 2008 and still is, he must be worth looking at. No one here ever put any more out there and mentioned going to him, but I went for it and met with him.
It was said somewhere here that if the surgeon hasn't done over 200 of them, you might want to find one that has. This site here has a VERY SHORT list of doctors who have done 200+, and Dr. Dore wasn't on there.
But in meeting with him and asking all the right questions he assured me has done 100's. That was reassuring already. (and also he worked with my Insurance too..big plus..LOL)
But more than that I have to say, meeting him was great and just what I wanted in a surgeon, straight forward, told me like it was, and held nothing back.
I liked and appreciated that. After his evaluation of me he set me on a path to get me into the shape he wanted me to be in before the surgery and his entire office was ON THE BALL and helped with everything.
And now that the work (surgery) has been done I have to rave on Dr. Dore, he totally rocks!
Why he doesn't get any more recognition here than he has is hard to understand.
Sure there are some good guys in Tampa, maybe even Miami..and yes in SC and other places too, but if your in Central Florida, especially the Orlando area, Dr. Dore should be your choice!
Not only did the surgery change everything for me everything he directed me on has as well, and if I say the procedure was a total success, I may not be saying enough. That is what I will be putting in my second/other post message here somewhere, because I am so impressed I wonder if anyone else has had the success I have had, or if my work and recovery was just some sort of freak thing.
But point of this post/message is totally in praise of Dr. Dore. I hope more people do a search and their homework when looking for the best guy for the job in central Florida, and I want to be sure if they do my post and praise of him pops up in the result list , not just the lone post about him from way back in 2008.
So there you go, my appreciation and thanks for Dr. Dore and his entire staff,he is also the Director of Joint Replacement at Celebration Health, also a WONDERFUL facility, and anyone looking to have their hip resurfacing or other work done, you may be overlooking an unmentioned, under-recognized, and wonderful surgeon right here in Florida.
Now on to my other post....


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Re: Doctor David Dore (Orlando)---My RAVE !
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2012, 02:56:34 PM »
Great post, and welcome both to the site and as a hippy! Good to know about Dr. Dore, the more good surgeons we know about, the better. I'm not sure how the list of doctors is compiled, but poster input is probably an influence, so the more information we have about him, the more that folks will know him and his practice.

What kind of approach does he use? How many procedures has he done? how many per week? What device did he use? are you 100% load bearing and so on... All those questions will help us know him better.

Congrats, it sounds like you're on good progress!
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Re: Doctor David Dore (Orlando)---My RAVE !
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2012, 04:45:53 PM »

Welcome to Hip Talk.  Thank You for taking time to write and share your story.  Stories like yours are the best way to learn about up and coming surgeons in hip resurfacing.

My list seems short because I normally only post about surgeons that have had a handful of patients that are willing to write about their experiences.  I try to make sure any surgeon on the list is very, very pro resurfacing.  Unfortunately, there are surgeons that don't do many resurfacings and then tell paitents THRs are better than resurfaicng.  So I try to be careful who I list.

I will be watching for your updates and wish you well. 

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