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i am 66years old and love playing basketball 3 times a week. I have osteoarthritis. I do yoga and spin class but i am in constant pain in my left hip. I an looking into resurfacing but my doctor things hip replacement. I am confused . I am also looking into stem cell replacement for hip cartilage but have not found anything supportive. I am also looking into Orthokine therapy that Kobe Bryant (Basketball Player) and Alex Rodriguez (Baseball player) had success with in Germany    Please give me some suggestions.
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The stem cell replacement is not there yet so your options are resurfacing or replacement.  Resurfacing is typically done on active younger (under 65) patients.  Depending on where you live the age factor is cast in stone, other places you activity level is the key.  Also if your doctor does not do resurfacings he will try to steer you to what he does do.
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Mostly about bone density which can (and will) be measured.  Get free consults with Dr. by forwarding xrays and brief description of problems, etc.  They can give you a very educated opinion on which is right for you.  I worked with Dr. Gross, but several will give you advice after seeing your condition.

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Hi, and welcome - you're in the right place to get information. Like curt and Neil say, the best thing to do is to get more opinions.

Most of us here were also told that THR was the only way to go, and found differently for ourselves. The best way to find a good solution is to take advantage of second and third opinions from experienced Hip Resurfacing surgeons. They are well versed in both HR and THR, so can let you know what the best alternative for you is given your health, age, etc.

I don't think your age excludes you from the procedure, but what better way to find out what is possible than  talking to the pros? (I'm just a happily recovering hippy). As mentioned, bone density is important, but even when it is not perfect, the good doctors can still work well with you.

There is a list of doctors on the site who are well versed in resurfacing here:


some of the more experienced ones provide a free service where they will look at your XRays or other information and give their opinion on how feasible HR is for you. You just need to scan those to a computer and email them those.

Use this site well, the best decisions are made when fully informed and have multiple surgeons give you some real information, not just what one doctor is comfortable doing. I've had nothing but good experiences with both of my resurfacings.

Good luck.
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Hi and Welcome to Hip Talk.

The only way you know if you are a hip resurfacing candidate is to visit several of the top, experienced hip resurfacing surgeons.  They can look at your x-rays and determine if your bone density is good enough for a hip resurfacing.  If you don't go to the top, experienced hip resurfacing surgeons you won't get a good opinion since you are older.  Less experienced surgeons like to do the easy cases, therefore, if you are older or a smaller man or woman, you need to work with the top surgeons if you want a hip resurfacing.

I don't know where you live, but you can look at the surgeons list.  http://www.surfacehippy.info/listofdoctors.php

If you want to stay active, hip resurfacing is an excellent choice.  It spares the femur bone since it is only reshaped and not cut off.  Resurfacing allows you to have a more normal gait according to recent medical studies.  Also there are no restrictions or worries about dislocations.  It is an excellent option for active people.  Many surgeons don't do hip resurfacing because it is a very difficult surgery compared to a THR.  So you have to go to the experienced resurfacing surgeons to get a good opinion.  Many that don't do resurfacing or do only a few will often suggest THRs since they are easier or opt for that during surgery instead of a resurfacing.

Good Luck.

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Your doctor says to get a total hip replacement because that's what he does, but that is not necessarily what's best for you.  If you have a total hip replacement, your basketball days will be over.  You didn't say what the problem is with the hip.  If it's arthritis than the treatments that Kobe and ARod had probably aren't the answer.  If you are considering resurfacing, then, like the others have said, you need to consult with an experienced HR surgeon.  At 66, your age could be an issue, but it also could be no problem.  It's up to the doctor.  My first hip doctor, at HSS,  told me ''at your age (I'm 61) you should have total hip replacements and learn to relax.  The doctor who did the work, Scott Marwinn at NYU, never mentioned my age, did both in the same day, and I've had the most amazing recovery that anyone could have imagined.

Only you can make the decision, but at 66 you are at the top of the age group, and you have to decide soon.
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I am 65 (until Sunday) and had both of my hips replaced last year.  My surgeon, Dr. Gross, basically gave me a choice between resurfacing and THR, and told me he thought I would do well with either.  Because I am very active, and did not want to have any part of me amputated unless it was absolutely necessary, I chose resurfacing.  Quite a few surgeons probably would not have done it because of my age and sex, but Dr. Gross looks at the whole picture before making his recommendations.

I am very happy I had the surgery and now, 5 months after having my second hip resurfaced, I am back to almost all of my normal activities.  I still have some restrictions on how much weight I can lift, and I cannot run until 12 months after surgery.  Fortunately, I really don't like to run anyway.  It feels great to be able to do just about anything I want to do without joint pain@

Best of luck to you, and make sure you do not let anyone do a THR unless you personally are convinced that is your best option!

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Thanks everyone for their comments. I will do more research before I do anything. The more education the better


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Your Dr. thinks replacement because all the orthos who don't do resurfacing, refuse to recommend it. My ortho had his hip replaced and plays tennis, but when I said I wanted to run and play some hoops, he recommended the resurfacing. Every local ortho I called immediately tried to steer me towards replacement.
I'm 20 yrs younger than you and had to give up hoops about 3 yrs ago. I'm scheduled for resurfacing w/Dr. Gross in S.C. next month and can't wait.
Look at it this way, you'll lose about 6 months, then you can be playing again. And if it only lasts 12 years...so what?
Good luck...don't wait. This sight is full of "if only I had done it sooner"...keep on hoopin'...jb


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