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Avascular Necrosis
« on: April 25, 2012, 05:23:57 AM »

I am posting from India, 3 months back i was told i have AVN of femoral head which was causing me pain from almost 6 months now, MRI concluded that my right hip was affected to 70% with no collapse and left hip is affected upto 5% . A procedure called core decompression was done on my right hip and for now the doc wants to wait and see if the left progresses. I am not sure why i got AVN since i dont have any common factors, only thing i can think of is my pregnancy during which i used to get very bad thigh pain only in my right one year back. I am not sure if this core decompression worked since there is no improvement i see its been 16 weeks post op.I am 26 years old and this whole thing has freaked me out..i am scared to death., should i wait more for the results of core decompression?? I am planning to approach Vijay Bose since he is very close to the place i stay 45 minutes by flight. But since this core decompression...i am just so crippled....i cant walk without cane and very difficult to sit and get up....I cant belive life changed so much in just 4 months....does AVN progress so fast..is there any one who can share their experience with me....I am so scared...my left leg so far does not have any symptoms...just muscle pain since its bearing all the weight from past 4 months...will it progress further from 5% or there are chances that it will stop....any one with AVN please tell me has it affected multiple joints...in my cases the AVN in right hip is Idiopathic....Please talk to me  :'(


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Re: Avascular Necrosis
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2012, 11:47:58 AM »
hi deepika, welcome to the site. You're having the kind of pain we've all had, with different sources and stories.

I haven't had AVN, but your instinct to touch base with Dr. Bose is right on target. He is someone who people all over the world journey to see, one of the best hip surgeons in the world, so go to him and get the real story on your hip. You can search the site and see other folks' stories who may have had AVN and see how it was dealt with.

Here's tony b's story about an HR after having AVN:


A cool discussion with Pat about AVN and deep sea diving  ??? 


and this post specifically talks about Dr. Bose's experience with AVN resurfaces.


Again, get in touch with Dr. Bose. He is also one of the surgeons listed  here to whom you can send current XRays by email and he will give his opinion about your status free of charge. I think you've chosen a good path, take advantage of the best.
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Re: Avascular Necrosis
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2012, 12:58:44 PM »
Welcome to Hip Talk.
Core Depression doesn't work for many people.  It puts them thru a lot of pain, a slow recovery and often short term or no improvement.  Many just move on to hip resurfacing.

Since you are in pain, please contact Dr. Bose as soon as you can.  Let him guide you about when to have a hip resurfacing. If you can't have a hip resurfacing, he also uses the BMHR which is still a version of hip resurfacing, but they take a little more of the femur but not as much as a THR. http://www.surfacehippy.info/bmhr.php

Dr. Bose is one of the best hip resurfacing surgeons in the world and he does a lot of AVN cases.  Please don't wait.  Get in contact by email if need be and he will talk with you free.  Get a plan to get out of pain and active again. There is no better surgeon than Dr. Bose to do that for you. He will answer any and all questions you have.  His specialty is AVN.

Please stay in touch and feel free to talk about any of your problems.  This is a very supportive group and many people have been in very diffiuclt hip situations and found solutions from the top surgeons and support from a great group of folks here.

Good Luck. Check out his website if you haven't already.


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Re: Avascular Necrosis
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2012, 04:06:13 AM »

Pat Thanks a lot for all the info.. :) I will send my X-rays in 2 days to Dr Bose and once i get his reply, may be i can go and see him in person before deciding anything further..Will keep you posted about further developments.


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Re: Avascular Necrosis
« Reply #4 on: April 26, 2012, 03:02:07 PM »
I was diagnosed with AVN in my right hip after a Cortisone shot.   I had a BHR and it seems to be working well.  My other hip was not affected with AVN but severe OA. I just had that one done a few weeks ago.  A good surgeon will have no problem doing a HR on a AVN hip.

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