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Video of limp
« on: May 31, 2012, 04:31:03 PM »
I think you guys will appreciate this.  I was cleaning up some photos on the family camera yesterday and I saw a short video of me walking (limping) towards a campfire (actually a small bonfire to celebrate Guy Fawkes day), pre HR.  I believe it was the Nov. before my Feb 2011 surgery.  I was not purposely thinking about my feable old man gait while on the video, I was having fun with friends around the fire.  It was just amazing to see my limp and to know that I had grown fairly used to it.   That's just how I walked for about 2 to 3 years.  So weird.  It seems very remote to me now. 

I haven't seen a video of me walking lately, but in a window, or mirror I've noticed it, no limp.  I also notice a smooth even gait with no pain at all, no hitch, no nothing, just clean, even, long strides.  Pretty cool.
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Re: Video of limp
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2012, 06:55:50 PM »
Burn that video!  No need for that anymore.  It's so nice to have it all behind you, right?
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Re: Video of limp
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2012, 07:47:18 PM »
Same here....pretty cool to catch a shadow or reflection these days!  :)
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Re: Video of limp
« Reply #3 on: May 31, 2012, 08:46:48 PM »
I have a video teaching my daughter how to walk.  I will not delete the video because of the monumental event.  My BHR changed my life.
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Re: Video of limp
« Reply #4 on: May 31, 2012, 08:58:49 PM »
I say keep the video and laugh at it!! Its a great reminder of how far you have come and how lucky you are now  ;D
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Re: Video of limp
« Reply #5 on: May 31, 2012, 09:15:25 PM »
I saw myself  on TV several months ago for  USO event we did. I had to do a double take when I realized it was me and was glad my face was not clearly seen. It looked like I had sticks tied to my legs and couldn't bend or twist. I wobbled back and forth even to turn. It was painful for me to watch. And the worst part was I didn't consider that day a red letter hurting day, just a bit over average.
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Re: Video of limp
« Reply #6 on: June 01, 2012, 09:56:59 AM »
That's what happened with me, I accepted the level of pain incrementally, until I was living with pain that a year before would have sent me to the doctor. That's why for me it was such a shock after the first HR, when the hip pain was gone.

Granted, the surgery pain was there, but to me that made sense and would go away. You're on your way, shananagins and once you go through the early recovery, you'll feel a huge difference.
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Tin Soldier

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Re: Video of limp
« Reply #7 on: June 01, 2012, 11:46:33 PM »
I'll hang onto it.  Like everything in life, it's a part of us.  I have mixed feelings about that period of my life. yeah it sucked with pain and discomfort, but I was still laughing and having fun, mostly.  There have been other struggles that often trump OA and I think we can all agree on that.  I like to think of that period as a time of hardship.  It's humbling.  There are a lot of people in this world that have a lot worse, so in a way, I appreciate seeing myself like that.  I was still having fun with my friends and family.  Although now, I am stoked to keep going onward and upward.

Shananigans - when's surgery?
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