Author Topic: Metal on Metal replacement with with fluid build up around tronchancteric bursa  (Read 5864 times)

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I had both hips resurfaced in 2011.  The left one in January 2011 - no problems - in fact playing basketball five months later as good as new.  The right hip was operated in June 2011.  Slower recovery and more pain than the left hip.  After 6 months the hip was stiff with buttock pain.  After 10 months the problem still persisted.  I spoke with my doctor and did additional physical therapy.  I had a slight improvement in the hip as I started to push it with some athletic activities such as tennis and basketball, but the hip felt weak and some groin pain.  Finally in June 2012 I had both an MRI and bloodwork done.  The bloodwork for the cobalt and the chromium came back at a 5.  The MRI came back with a result that there was a moderate to large fluid collection in the region of the greater trochanteric bursa. I believe the MRI gives the measurement in reference to a pseudo tumor. My doctor wants to do a total hip replacement.  I have gotten a second opinion as well and the surgeon agrees with a total hip replacement.  The MRI states that there is no evidence of displacement of the prosthetic components, however there is a capsular thickening and internal debris. My question to anyone who views this site is there anyway I can save the resurfacing?  Would changing the cup help? Can the fluid be removed? Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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I have one idea that you might look into. Do you know that exact angle of your cup? If it is at a high angle (greater than 55 degrees), it might be the cause of the problem. If that is the case, having the cup redone might solve the problem. Two factors might be whether edge loading from the cup may have scarred the surface of the cap, and whether there has been sufficient reaction to metal ions that you need to move away from any metal on metal joint.
If you want to try to save the resurfacing, I would send X-rays to Dr Gross, Dr Su, and Dr DeSmet, since I think that these three would be the most likely to take that approach if it is possible. If you are in the UK, obviously Mr McMinn or Mr Treacy would be good bets.
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The angle of degree was 41.86 - I wish I knew why the right hip is having an adverse reaction and the left hip is fine.


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Confirming you had the same surgeon and type/brand of device for both hips?


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I had the same surgeon and I will have to confirm that it was the same device.


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