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Re: 15 months post surgery pain on moderate exercise
« Reply #20 on: January 22, 2013, 01:59:34 PM »
Hi Amy and Everyone Else,

Here's my update:  I had an injection near my psoas three weeks agoand it didn't didn't give me relief.  I also had an injection into my bursa last Thursday as they think I might also have bursitis.  Jury is out on that one so far.

I think I did have psoas tendinitis prior to surgery, but my other issues were all definitely post-surgery.  I can say the joint pain is gone...good news.

So, I continue to do PT exercises, ice, heat, anti-inflamms, you know the drill.  I played tennis for two hours yesterday and did well, so at least I can enjoy that.

So, it's all very frustrating (and I recently found out I have a tear in my shoulder which I am not going to surgically repair...yet).  I just try to stay positive and hope that things will settle down.  I'm at the 14th month mark.

Amy, I wish you the best...been following your story for years and I'm hoping it's just soft tissue that's giving you pain. 

Let us know how your appointment goes,

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Re: 15 months post surgery pain on moderate exercise
« Reply #21 on: January 22, 2013, 04:03:08 PM »
Hey Mindi - hope the bursa injection works for you, thank goodness the joint pain is gone, but wishing you good things on the shoulder.
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Re: 15 months post surgery pain on moderate exercise
« Reply #22 on: February 16, 2013, 08:20:13 PM »
I'm wondering how you guys are doing - Mindi and Willsand? I am 12 months post-op bilateral with Dr. Gross and was doing perfectly until just a week ago when one of my hips started bothering me with exercise and is pretty darn sore for this far out. It feels like joint pain to me - I guess that's the only way to describe it and actually because this hip never hurt as bad as the other I have to say it feels worse than pre-surgery at the moment. Dr. Gross said the x-ray looked fine.

I really get nervous reading these forums because I see that there are other people out there with top surgeons like Dr. Gross who are having on-going problems that are preventing them from living the active lifestyle they want. In my case, I haven't had any problems with this hip at all during recovery and now it seems to have come out of nowhere over the last few weeks. I would notice it ache a bit from time to time after yoga but nothing that lasted more than a few hours or required advil. I fear so much just having to wait interminably for something to improve when I can honestly say I have no idea where the pain is coming from and no idea how to fix it. It is a deep ache along the upper thigh and a bit of groin and glute pain too.  Sure, it could be the psoas but it feels like joint pain. For me the distinguishing factor is generally that muscle pain hurts during activity while joint pain tends to hurt worse afterwards and that is what I am experiencing. Early on I would get muscle pain when doing single-leg lifts with this hip but it never hurt after exercise until now.

Wow, this is super frustrating. I hope you guys have some answers soon.  :-[

just to update... still at same level of problem.  gonna see dr gross again... mri (before and after exercise?) and maybe cortisone.  not particularly happy.  but i guess statistically not one of the 3% 'failures'.  so many of the 97% 'successes' are only partially so I am learning.  I wonder how many are fully satisfied.


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Re: 15 months post surgery pain on moderate exercise
« Reply #23 on: February 17, 2013, 03:44:05 AM »
 I'm sorry to hear things are status quo. I have wondered about cortisone injections post-op and how that works. If there is still some residual synovitis and inflammation than theoretically it should help but I also know surgeons are more reluctant to do it because of the risk of infection with a prosthesis.

I am still in the same situation too. I am a little frustrated with being told my x-rays are perfect, no need to do any more tests right now, etc.  Unlike you, I had two near-perfect hips post-op for a year and then the problems started within a few weeks of my 1 year anniversary. I am now convinced more or less than I am one of those unlucky people who is having an adverse immune reaction to the implants and the pain and clunking I am having is metallosis. (The clunking seems to come and go and some days are better than others but because I had zero problems before all this started it makes me very concerned). I did have an ultrasound recently which didn't show anything alarming - maybe some mild fluid int he joint but the doc who did the ultrasound didn't think it was out of the ordinary for someone a year out of surgery and Dr. Gross agreed. I spoke with Lee recently on the phone and told her my fears around metallosis considering my symptoms and she dismissed me as worrying too much and told me to stop reading online. Dr. Gross and Lee believe I am just flared up from an increase in activity earlier this winter and it may take months to settle down. Lee was also not concerned with the clunking and said it was not out of the ordinary at this point and did not want to test metal ions at this time. I'm not very convinced my symptoms will just recede because any time previously when I overdid it my pain went away with rest within a few days. The pain isn't unbearable but its quite bothersome and its making me pretty depressed when I consider how good I felt just two months ago.

I guess it might make sense to get a second opinion but I also know that my cup angles are great (32 and 40 degrees) and my bone ingrowth all looks perfect etc so I'm not sure what I'll find out from a second opinion at this point. I think I should be permitted to do the metal ions test and will probably insist on this in another 6 weeks by which time it will have been 3 months of pain.

I really feel for those still struggling post-op. Its been very hard for me to accept this after I put sooo much stock in resurfacing. I hope you get some answers soon Wilsand. Keep me posted.


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