Author Topic: Finally got hospital appointment at the R.O.H with mr treacy next week  (Read 1130 times)

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As above I have my hospital app next week with me treacy in Birmingham to see if I'm suitable, I don't Wang the operation who does but I know it's the best in the long run.


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Good for you. None of us wanted the operation(s in my case), but the improvement has been remarkable for me.
Hernan, LHR 8/24/2010, RHR 11/29/2010 - Cormet, Dr. Snyder


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Thanks it's the recovery as I'm so active can't stand the thought of having to stay in, not being able to drive etc, I play badminton 3 times a week, I'm going to miss that as its at large group of about 30 players so it's a social thing as well.
How did other manage regards sports I have been told swimming and walking which I'm not keen on, I'm thinking of golf never played before though I have Friend who said he would help if I wanted to try that out before the op and after.


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I did a lot of training beforehand, but it was not the most optimal type.

In doing PT afterwards, I found in embarrassing fashion, as pointed out to me by my diminutive, perky and totally committed drill sergeant of a physical therapist:

While my perimeter was undoubtedly strong, my core was apparently the equivalent of a seven year old girl in strength (my description).

She had me do exercises which I still do now to strengthen my core, taking the  bulk of them from pilates and yoga. Amazingly effective and difficult.

One way you could approach this is as training. Most people on here are active in one way or another, and understand the approach and demand for training.

Once you have the goal of healing and strengthening your hip, and the methods and materials to accomplish it, set a path to return to your sport. I would confer with Mr. Treacy about how and when you could do so.

I'm not sure whether he advocates or allows physical therapy, but many of our hippies have done well recovering without it. I found it very valuable.

As to swimming and walking, I consider both to be important, with the latter critical. You want to get back to full function, and with the amount of movement, quick cuts and reflexive reactions expected in your sport, the better you relearn the basics of hip movement, the better off you are.

Other things that helped me (at the appropriate time):

  • The foam roller
  • Massage - especially of the IT band
  • Standing or lying exercises as described in several sites.
  • Stretching (extremely light, more advanced after five months or so)
  • Balancing of different types.
  • Slide board (simulates ice skating)
  • After six months, weights
  • After twelve months, started yoga and back to martial arts.

Hernan, LHR 8/24/2010, RHR 11/29/2010 - Cormet, Dr. Snyder


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Good luck with your appointment.

Enjoy the experience - it's a lovely hospital.

Meeting Mr Treacy is worth the visit itself, but luckily for you, he'll be able to fix you and turn your life around too.

rbhr 3 january 2013
mr ronan treacy
royal orthopaedic hospital, birmingham, england



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