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Dr. Robert Marchand
« on: February 04, 2014, 08:18:18 AM »

I'd love to hear some feedback on Dr. Marchand at South County Ortho in Wakefield Rhode Island.

I am currently scheduled for HR on the 14th with Dr. Su.  I know Dr. Su is one of the best, but he is also out of network for me and I'm not thrilled with going to NYC.  I live in Mass on the RI boarder.  Dr. Marchand is close to me and in network, both of which are very comforting to me especially with how anxious I am.  Knowing I'd be close to home, where my wife could go back home (instead of a hotel in NYC) and not having the financial burden that I will have with Dr. Su would help to relieve some of my anxiety.

I talked to Dr. Marchand's office yesterday.  Last night, Dr. Marchand called me at home directly.  Spoke for a good 20 minutes, whick I thought was very nice of him.  I know he has trained with Dr. Su and we talked about Dr. Su and my current 'dillema'.  I know he has a very good reputation but isn't known as well outside of his area.  He's done about 900 HR's.

I know there is a poster name 'moe' that speaks highly.  I would love to hear from some other people as well.

I have my pre-surgical visit at HSS this Thursday.  I plan to go over the procedure with Dr. Su and also look at the possibility of post-poning and go with cortisone if/when needed.  If I do that, I would also then meet with Dr. Marchand about possibly changing to him for the reasons above.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Left Hip Resurfacing, Dr. Robert Marchand, 4/2/14.  Age 44 at time of surgery.


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Re: Dr. Robert Marchand
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2014, 09:17:15 AM »
Hi Matt,

I don't want to drag your post off-topic as I know what you are looking for is just feedback on Dr. Marchand, which I can not offer. But I did want to just state that I had one cortisone shot into the hip and other than immediate relief lasting just that day, it was of no benefit. Other people here received some benefit. I had none. And I've had cortisone shots in the shoulder and hand that were miraculous, so I'm not down on cortisone at all, it just did nothing for my hip, and I do not believe additional shots would have been any different.

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LHR March 2014.

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Re: Dr. Robert Marchand
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2014, 11:39:26 AM »
Hi Matt, I'm not sure you will get much feedback on Dr Marchand here. There doesn't seem to be many active hippies here besides me. I can only give you my highest recommendation. You could call the office, ask for Nancy and she could give you some names and numbers to call and speak to directly. SoCo Hospital and Orthopedics are really top notch. If you PM me I will give you my number if you want to chat a bit. I am home now recovering from a MTB ice crash which cracked my femur but the BHR is still kicking. There is a thread in the MTB section covering that. I will see Dr Marchand for a follow up on Thursday.

Good luck, moe
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Re: Dr. Robert Marchand
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2014, 08:05:45 AM »
Thanks Moe.  It would be great to hear from others as well on Dr. Marchand.  I know he is highly thought of, but would like to hear from more HR patients.

A big part of my anxiety with Dr. Su would be having to go down to NYC.  That requires care for my kids for 3 nights while my wife is with me.  South County Ortho is just 55 minutes away and easy to get to and from.  I know Dr. Su is great, but I'd prefer to stay closer to home.

Going through one other major operation before, I know depressed I felt post-op and having family close was helpful.

Just some additional thoughts playing into this.
Left Hip Resurfacing, Dr. Robert Marchand, 4/2/14.  Age 44 at time of surgery.


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