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Author Topic: How often should a resurfaced hip be checked and several other questions?  (Read 4714 times)

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I had my right hip resurfaced in 2010 and had it checked several times during the first year post-surgery and had new X-Rays taken about 2011. I haven't had it checked since, tho' I did have the metal ion and blood work recommended.

My surgeon has since retired (Dr. Robert Gilbert, SF).

What's the recommended follow-up for hip resurfacing. Should it be checked for years and years?

What's the general prognosis for duration of a resurfaced hip?


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It seems like most doctors like to have continuing checkups, mostly involving just x-rays unless there is cause for concern. How often varies quite a bit, ranging from every two years to every five or ten in some cases. If your previous blood test came out without problems, some doctors will not request additional tests unless problems arise. If you have one of the brands that had problems (ASR for example), then some national medical organizations are suggesting continuing blood test every year or two.
There are a couple of great resurfacing surgeons in the SF area that you could locate on this site. It would seem like a good plan to connect with one of them, and then follow their follow-up protocol.
Prognosis for duration varies a lot by brand, size, and how perfectly the prosthesis was positioned. There are a number of published studies and national registries that you can read on this site that should give you some pretty good insights into the future. My own non-medical guesstimate from reading all of these studies is that most of us with well positioned devices have an 85 to 95 percent chance of it lasting a lifetime. If you are curious, there is tons of research on this site to help.
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I think Mr Treacy usually has check ups at 1,5,10,15,20 years. However I ask for annual checks. I know he also doesn't routinely do ion tests unless there's a specific reason
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