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I've been reading the posts on this site, but am new to posting. I'm asking for any feedback (good and bad) about the Delta Motion implant and your trip to Chennai (or another procedure you strongly recommend).

Problems with my right hip began after arthroscopy one year ago, and the spiral downward has been fast, faster than a normal process. I was looking into a BHR (w/ Drs. Su, Gross or Bose) when my femoral head unexpectedly collapsed. A BHR was no longer an option. Because of the unpredictable nature and rapid changes in my hip, a local orthopedic surgeon told me that I should have surgery within 8 weeks. Unfortunately, only a 28 or 32mm diameter head metal-on-high crosslinked polyethylene implant is available here. I was training for a half-ironman when I had arthroscopy and, while I may not be able to return to competing in Tris, I would like to be able to simply enjoy them. I have been in touch with Dr. Bose who genuinely seems concerned and feels that the Delta Motion implant is my best option. I have been reading papers and doing online research, but feel that often word-of-mouth is the most reliable means of learning about what's good and what isn't. I've begun making arrangements to go to Chennai, but am only in the early stages. (My surgery is January 6th.)

I'm reaching out to folks in this support group to ask you to share your experiences and opinions. I will be very grateful for any and all input.

Thank you,

Tim Bratten

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Re: Request opinion/experiences re: the Delta Motion implant and Chennai
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2014, 05:37:27 AM »
Hi eatw:
I imagine that if I had to choose between a 28 mm metal on polythene THR and going to Dr. Bose in India I would also choose going to Dr. Bose.   

I recently posted in a couple of other threads about my THR (which is a large ball ceramic on ceramic). Since I would mostly be repeating myself, I hope you don't mind if just paste my comments (sorry I'm so lazy):

Comment 1
Sorry to hear about your problems. I had a botched HR by an Argentine surgeon that was revised by De Smet to his ceramic on ceramic THR almost three years ago. It's working quite well: I regularly hike, jog a bit and am an active (in fact, sort of a fanatic) rock climber. I don't know if you know anything about rock climbing, but yesterday I redpointed a 5.11d (French 7a) and today I will probably boulder. I also have a nine month old HR from De Smet and my hip is working, well, like new. That's some real bad luck  about your problems, but I would personally continue to trust De Smet (anyways, he has done wonders for my problems) and I can testify that his THR system can work quite well (at least it has, so far, for me). In my case, my surgeries with him have given me the opportunity to return to the sport that was (and is again) my passion.
If you want to see some pictures about my climbing with the THR,  check out my blog link in the mountaineering and climbing thread.     

PS: When I got my hip revised, there was another American, a younger guy, who lived in Spain, who was also having surgery with De Smet. As I recall, he had damaged his hip in a car accident, and was not a candidate for HR. At any rate, he also received De Smet's THR system. The guy sent me a few e-mails after the surgery to see how I was doing and to tell me how he was doing (a mail at six months, one year and two years). He was very happy with how his hip turned out. He was not a big sports enthusiast or anything like that, but he was a healthy young guy (maybe ten years younger than me) who had limped ever since his accident. At six months post-op he told me that the limp and pain from the accident were completely gone. At one year post-op he told me he could touch his knee to his forehead and he felt like he was back to normal. At two years post-op he told me ha had started to play recreational tennis and that he was real happy with how the surgery worked out for him.

Comment 2

So far I'm real happy with the THR I got from De Smet. It's a mix of components from two manufacturers that took him awhile to settle on, but he seems to be pleased with the results he's getting. I imagine if you want this particular "device" you would be best off letting him do the surgery. In fact, I'm starting to come to the conclusion that the most important decision is picking the right surgeon (and letting them put in the device that works well for them). Anyways, here's a video where he talks about hip resurfacing and how, from the results he is seeing, his improved THR system is working practically as well. In the video he says, in terms of functionality (for the average person) there is virtually no difference between his THR system and HR.   


Good luck!
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Re: Request opinion/experiences re: the Delta Motion implant and Chennai
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2014, 06:29:49 AM »
Very interesting video that mate. Thanks for sharing!
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