Author Topic: a THR with a ceramic-on ceramic implant or a DeltaMotion instead of BHR  (Read 1473 times)

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Hi all,

Anyone have a THR with a ceramic-on-ceramic implant? DeltaMotion? How're things working out for you?

I was planning on a BHR with Dr. Gross when my femoral head collapsed a few weeks. (The avn is a sequela from a hip arthroscopy 'gone wrong'.) A BHR is no longer an option. Like everyone here, I'm very active; I've been a runner all of my life and a triathlete for the past 15 years.  I want to be able to return to Tris, not necessarily to compete just to enjoy them.  After researching implants, I decided on an LDH ceramic-on-ceramic implant, originally recommended by Dr. Antoniou, specifically the DeltatMotion. Dr. de Smet and Dr. Bose have the most experience using it. Although Belgium is closer to Canada than India, a THR with Dr. Bose is more affordable. I'm having surgery in Chennai, India on January 6th (2015). I've read more posts on Surface Hippy from folks who end up having an MoM or MoP implant. There're limited sources for info on the DeltaMotion; Dr Bose; a published paper on the DeltaMotion and squeaking (which is a inherent in CoCs), DePuy's website (I'm waiting for a direct reply from them) and some older posts on Surface Hippy. I'm waiting for a a rely from Dr. de Smet.

Can anyone suggest where I can tap into more info?
Has anyone had (or are still having) experiences with a CoC implant or the DeltaMotion?
Any words of CoC post-op wisdom?

I wish I had joined this group and ask for folk's input before now, but better late than never.


Tim Bratten

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Re: a THR with a ceramic-on ceramic implant or a DeltaMotion instead of BHR
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2014, 06:52:12 AM »
I have a large head (40mm) ceramic on ceramic THR. De Smet uses heads up to 48mm but I had bone infection from a previous surgery (by another doctor) so he had to screw mine in, which entails using smaller heads. Here is what it looks like:

Rather than write down stuff, here are some pictures of what I'm doing with my hip almost three years post-op (the left leg is THR and the right is resurfaced). I hope you don't mind all the pictures, but I'm trying to be graphic that these things can work pretty well:

Botched LHR by Dr. Vilicich 06-17-2010 revised by Koen De Smet 02-14-2012
RHR Koen De Smet 02-05-2014


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Re: a THR with a ceramic-on ceramic implant or a DeltaMotion instead of BHR
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2014, 10:58:01 PM »
Thanks, Tim. A picture is worth a thousand words.



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