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Not a BHR failure?
« on: September 20, 2015, 10:39:53 AM »
UPDATE:  I felt I should share with all of you my experience the past few months.
I was prepared to have my BHR revised and backed out at the last minute. When I asked Dr Brooks if we knew with absolute certainty that my BHR was the source of my pain his answer was simple and honest, ďNoĒ.  I appreciated his honesty and decided to get a few other opinions. 
Side story: And if I wasnít in enough pain, while trying to get around my house without crutches, I tore the cartilage in the opposite knee. I will be having knee surgery to fix that problem next month.
I sought out an opinion of an ortho doc in Cleveland who happens to be the Cleveland Brownís team physician. I also set up an opinion of a physician in Dallas,Texas who is leading the research into posterior hip arthroscopy. The Cleveland ortho doc felt I had a posterior hip issue and that my BHR was likely NOT the source of my pain. It was his opinion that having the resurfacing may not had been necessary and that my pain all along was the result of a problem in the posterior hip. Problems in the posterior hip can cause symptoms such as groin pain, etc. I was told.  He agreed that the person with the most expertise would be the physician in Dallas.
I traveled to Dallas to see Dr Martin and now (I hope) I have some answers. I was diagnosis with a chronic avulsed (detached) hamstring. He showed my husband and I the findings on the MRI and asked my permission to take pictures of my MRI and videotaped my exam to take to a conference where he was teaching in the upcoming week. Dr Martin also said he felt I probably had not needed the BHR and likely most, if not all of my pain, was from my hamstring that was completely torn away from the ischium. Yes, missed by the radiologists on 2 MRIís prior to my BHR. Dr Martin said he sees patients every week where the radiologist and/or physician has missed a problem.  I donít know if my orthopedic physician at the time (NOT Dr Brooks) even looked at the MRI but he told me the MRI showed no abnormalties and had nothing more to offer me. He said my pain was likely from the small area of arthritis he saw on my hip athroscopy and recommended I have a BHR or THR. The rest is history. I am scheduled for surgery on my knee in October and then my hamstring Dec 1st. Another rehab to look forward to.So what is the one thing I have learned?  If you feel something is wrong, donít give up looking for an answer.
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Re: Not a BHR failure!
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2015, 04:11:39 PM »
 :) Cool Beth. Keep at it. Rarely is there just 1 issue in the body from my experience. Crutches to be honest can be hard on your body if you are on them for a long time be aware of that. Your BHR that you got may also be a good thing and could save you a lot of pain who really knows. But you did the right thing wait, look around, think about it. Now top it all off you may be able to do the odd run. Try and get off the anti inflams and stick to Vitamin C try un-buffered if you can get it. There is only a 1 -1000 chance of the metal ion thing so one has to be really unlucky and then they probably are not bio-compatable with cobalt - Chrom as well. Hope your hip gets better with time. Cheers K
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Re: Not a BHR failure!
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2015, 05:36:52 PM »
Hi Beth

That is great it is not your BHR.  However, I am sorry you are facing 2 more surgeries.  I wish you the very best of luck for a quick recovery from each and soon - an active, pain free life.

I am so happy you decided to share this chapter of your story.  It will help people to know there are other reasons for pain.

I decided to split this from your other posts. Sometimes when there are so many in one topic, people get losts.  I hope you don't mind.

Please let us know how you are doing when you have time.

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Re: Not a BHR failure!
« Reply #3 on: September 21, 2015, 08:21:19 PM »
Beth I'm so glad you're finally getting some answers! Good luck and thanks for keeping us posted.
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