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Stick to Plan
« on: March 14, 2016, 03:31:17 PM »
After I went bi-lateral I promised to stick to only running one day per week.  No more than 8 miles. The other two days were dedicated to Deep Water Running and Elliptical machine. Got me through two Ironmans and a whole lot of races since then. But as the story goes, your boy wanted to run. So I increased one day to two, then two to three.  Now I am sitting here with a torn meniscus with no hope of repair. 

Going to try some PRP and hope the knee gets back to decent shape so I can go back to the plan. Both hips doing well. No metal ions and besides the six mile rule (once I hit six miles at a 9-10 min/mile pace, hips hur)t.  Then I walk, run, walk...you know how it goes. Only got up to 10 miles at the Marine Corps Half with no pain.  As soon as I stop running the pain decreases. I just live with it.

Got more races to do and asses to kick (not really, I am usually in last place but visualization always helps).  My Nephew at 37 had his hip resurfaced and after three months reffed a whole season of basketball.  Just be smart, which I dont think he was( have you ever tried to tell a 37 year old who sees his uncle run Ironmans after HR to take it easy?) the word to the wise - stick to your plan. I wish I did.

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Re: Stick to Plan
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2016, 02:39:30 AM »
Hi Hipnhop,
mate , to get thru 2 Ironmans is HUUUUGE. Don't beat yaself up in any way or shape. You have achieved an incredible goal.
Its bad news about the meniscus, but I'm sure the best of medical advice and repair work will see ys back.
All the Best. I'm just a little Standard Distance and Sprint Distance Tri boy.!!
 Kiwi Boy.
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Re: Stick to Plan
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2016, 03:51:10 PM »
'' Now I am sitting here with a torn meniscus with no hope of repair.  ''

Why do you say that?  Most meniscus tears are an easy arthroscopic surgery.   I had both done long before my hips went bad.  I had a full recovery and was back racing short course tri at the end of that year. I remember when you did the first IM, and I understood why you went though with it. I don't understand why you did another or want to go there again.  I did IMLP in '99, trained for another in 2001 and fell braking my arm on my last long training day before the race.  It was 60 mile bike with 10 mile run.  I went down about 1.5 miles into the run.  Then I went though years of injuries and finally got to the hips.  Now I race sprints and olympics every month and I'm having a lot of success and having a ball!
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Re: Stick to Plan
« Reply #3 on: March 25, 2016, 03:40:12 PM »
 :) HipnHop. I don't have a plan. Never did, never will.
I was on crutches for 7 years thinking will I ever be able to be normal again...... Will the pain ever, ever stop.... Specialist said about 6 months ago I can do what I want. Ya ..  Not quite like that I have to undo 7 years of my body altering for what happened. But for the last 2 months have lost 9 KGs - through exercise and diet - increased my fitness but stirred up these hips again. Nope no plan just a plan to get back to normal.... Hope you get your knee sorted and give it a go from what I have worked out life is to short to be mucking around on the couch thinking about what I could have done years later. Go see some people talk to them, get some more opinions
Good Luck and all the best Cheers K
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