How long before you had significantly less pain after HR surgery?

Immediately after surgery
10 (35.7%)
Within 2 weeks of surgery
7 (25%)
By 6 weeks after surgery
8 (28.6%)
By 3 months after surgery
1 (3.6%)
By 6 months after surgery
0 (0%)
By 1 year after surgery
1 (3.6%)
Still not in less pain
1 (3.6%)

Total Members Voted: 28

Author Topic: How Long Before You Had Significantly Less Pain After Hip Resurfacing Surgery  (Read 2976 times)

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How long before you had significantly less pain after HR surgery?
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Relief of all my hip related pain was immediate upon having surgery. There was surgery and recovery pain, but that was just so different. They didn't feel the same at all. Now, ten months post op, my right hip feels as though it was never arthritic, that it's perfectly normal. It's just weird to think about the difference.


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Agree, bone pain gone immediately, surgery pain was at a point where I would claim to be starting to feel quite normal by six weeks. Driving within two weeks in a manual car (left leg is my good one, right resurfaced). Back to work after 3.
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Bone pain was gone immediately. The surgery pain lasted as long as expected, but was much more manageable mentally since I knew it would finish.

All in all, an amazing thing. I was able to compare since I had the second done three months after the first, so I could see the pain from the first completely evaporating as the other worsened.

I was very happy when the second was done, despite needing to recuperate.
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Tim Bratten

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    The resurfacing and the revision evolved a bit differently (I don't count the botched surgery from Vilicich which was a mess). The revision (to THR) hurt for a few hours after surgery, but after that there was surpisingly little pain. By the second day I didn't even need paracetamol. I was down to one crutch by about the third day and moving around the hotel room and up and down stairs without any crutches shortly after.
    The resurfacing was more painful and slower to recover for about the first two months. My leg was real sore the first couple of days and was noticably sorer than the revision for the first six weeks. Bart (Koen's assistant) told me I had considerable muscle mass around the hip, which made things trickier. I continued to take paracetamol for maybe 10 days or two weeks. I also had to use two crutches for walks for several weeks and needed a crutch to get around the home/kitchen, etc. But after about two months my recovery from resurfacing took off like a rocket. I would say that by six months my recovery from resurfacing (in terms of strength, flexibility and the ability to endure physical punishment) was more advanced than the revision had been after a year.
    I suppose the moral of the story is it doesn't matter much if it hurts more for the first few months if after you're able to enjoy your new hip for many years!
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After 5 plus years of bone on bone....I was 77 at the time
The day after surgery I was led down the hall using a walker...I could hardly believe the lack of pain!
9 days later on the Midway in San Diego I climbed into an F8u cockpit unaided to relive my days in that great fighter!
Yes there was wound pain but no bone pain..


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