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Hello all, Cliffy here. I was just worried about my progress at this stage and was wondering if anyone could relate as being in the same position. See below -

I am a 30 year old who has had a bilateral hip resurfacing exactly 5 months ago, this was carried out in Australia in brisbane. Previously i have had two scopes on the left done and one on the right.

I am experiencing a lot of pain in my right hand side at 5 months post surgery, the pain is a ache, pinching and swelling sensation that seems to be consistent with most normal movements during my day whether at work or in daily activities. It is very annoying and is only just bearable, it just feels so wrong all the time, whats worse is that it feels like the pain i had before the surgery only worse. On the other hand the left side seems to be progressing a lot better with only smaller effects of pain and a little uncomfortable feeling present.   

I am currently doing PT only a few times a week as it seems to be swelling up my right hand side even more, so its about three sessions a week. I am currently taking anti- inflammatory s to help with swelling that is persistent currently.

I saw my surgeon at the 4 months mark who told me that he could see no red flags and that time was going to be my best friend. But i haven't made any progress since.

I hope someone can kind of relate to my situation and give my some peace of mind or give me some advice that something could be wrong. I have attached an weight bearing standing xray of my hips at the 4 month mark, can anyone see any cause for concern, especially with the right.

Thank in advance. Cheers Cliffy 
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Cliffy, those are perfect x-rays. There is nothing wrong with anything. Just hang in there.
By the way, what kind of resurfacing devices are those? Conserve plus?

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I'm no radiologist, so I'm not going to comment on the x-ray. What you're describing sounds more like soft tissue issues, and they don't show up on x-rays, anyway. Having read recovery stories on this site there is a wide variety of recovery scenarios. Some people recover super fast and report very little pain (up walking like crazy with no cane or crutch after just a few days), some people take a bit longer (some pain, up and walking a bit, using an assistive device for 3-5 weeks), and others needing several months to fully recover. All of these are normal. The problem arises when people in the latter group don't understand why they're not on the other side of the bell curve.

I've also noticed a lot of bilateral patients mention that one side was more painful, or recovered more slowly than the other.

It's hard for me to really know your pain, and how it feels to you, and if it means something is really wrong, or if you're just on the long recovery side of the bell curve. However, if I were in what seems like an abnormal amount of pain at five months out I would have questions, too. I would make an appointment with my surgeon. I would formulate a list of questions for him in advance. Write them down so you don't forget them. These questions might include things like: when you were operating were there more problems on that side? more pre-existing damage to that joint? have you seen this before? if so, what was the typical recovery timeline for those patients at this point? how long can I expect this to last? what, specifically, is causing this problem? Draw a picture of where, exactly, the pain seems to be for you. Perhaps print out a Grey's Anatomy diagram of the muscles and note the locations. If your surgeon can't give you answers consider seeking the opinion of a second orthopedist. Also, I suggest having more in depth conversations with your pt about how to deal with it. It may well turn out to be a soft tissue problem that needs a lot more time than anticipated, but you deserve answers and a better way to deal with it.


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I'd go back to the doctor and tell him you are feeling worse. As suggested by cat friend, I'd go in armed with details of when it hurts and what makes it hurt worse.

First, did you tell him about your issues when you saw him at four months? He just counseled time? No other ideas?

I am a bliat, fourteen months out. One hip, the one that was worse to start, felt and feels better now. The difference is subtle, but I can tell. The performance of the two sides is/was pretty equal and if anything the more bothersome side is stronger.

Are your two sides equal in strength and ROM? One side hurts more; does it also swell more? Can the difference be seen by someone else?

A few random thoughts: have you tried just rest? Take a week off and don't do PT or whatever else you are doing?  have you looked into psoas issues? being stiff that way or impingement or rubbing? did you ask your doc about what it would feel like if the cup didn't grow in? (can't read an X-ray myself, but just thought you could ask him directly about some of the big issues like bone not growing in)


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Hi Cliffy, Your case interests me in many ways as I am too bilateral and also originally from Brisvegas. Can I ask who performed your surgery. I opted to go to India to get mine done. How man days apart were each hip operated on?

Mine were done 5 days apart and my worst hip which was my right recovered perfectly whilst my left had a longer recovery time. I felt no resistance in my right hip from Day 1 but my left I would always feel resistance in the buttock region if exercising, like a muscle that had a bubble in it. This took over a year to diminish and now I can hardly notice that. The pain you describe though does seem a lot more than just general discomfort. Does this pain occur if you are just sitting or lying down or only when walking or moving or both?
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Hello everyone, i would just like to thank you for giving me your thoughts in regards to my situation.
I'm glad that the xrays look like what one would expect for the hip resurfacing, i was wondering about the position of the prosthesis' and if they were in the appropriate locations compared to other successful resurfacing's. Thanks for the kind uplifting words Chukm, FYI they are the brand called ADEPT, i had a 54mm cup and 48mm head introduced, here is the link to the brochure if you are interested. http://www.matortho.com/media/21905/mo_adept_a4_brochure_ml-300-173_iss3.pdf

Hello catfriend and blinky, i think i am obliviously going to be on the longer side of the bell curve but i am able to accept that just fine if i can achieve the right kind of result at the end of the process, I have been as positive as i can and keep my head up. In relation to the questions i asked my Surgeon, i did write down a variety of questions as you described but he was very quick to assume that there was no red flags or obvious problems with the way i was progressing, so he said he also thought it could be related to soft tissue pain. With this been said he said that he can not always see the associated problems or failures on xrays or in clinical presentations, but he could say that it was more likely than not that i was going to still see good results. Patience is the key he said and that time was my best friend.

Blinky it seems that i am a little stronger on my left side at this point in time, i favor this side more so. The range of motion is slightly preferable and better on the left compared to my current problematic right side. I can confidently say that the there is persistent swelling on my right hand side all the time, it is quite noticeable and can be spotted by another person. I haven't looked into the psoas issues, but i think i will now. I don't have and impingement or clicking/rubbing issues and no i haven't talked about what it would feel like if it wasn't growing in well but he did say he could spot adequate bone growth onto the prosthesis so far. 

Hey Paul D, that's cool mate, Brisbane is a great place hey. I had my surgery done by Dr Patrick Weinrauch who is from the Brisbane Hip Clinic at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital. I decided to get my hips done at the same time. Ok well i'm glad you are going good after getting your hips done, everyone on this post gives me good hope. Unlike your buttock issue post surgery mine have been localized to the front over the hip joint primarily and a little on the side due to the swelling.  Generally when i go to sleep or am just sitting in my office chair at work i'm ok with just a little discomfort. The main issue with pain and further swelling is when i am getting up and down out of my ute on bumpy construction site visits daily and when i just generally have to do normal day to day things like general household chores.

Thanks again everyone


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Get well - go slowly

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Hi Cliffy
I would also mention that it takes some people a much longer time to heal than others.  Especially if you are bilateral.  Having 2 bad hips is harder on the body.  It takes the body a long time to get back into balance after having a bad hip for a long time.  I would take it easy.  If the PT is bothering your other hip, why not take a little time off.  Some surgeons don't even suggest PT, they just suggest walking.  Pushing a little too hard might really be holding your one hip back.  If you keep having problems, you can also send your emails off to a couple of the top surgeons and ask for their opinions.  None of us here are surgeons and don't really see what a very experienced surgeon can see.

So in my non-medical opinion, I would take it a bit easier, give yourself lots of time to heal and if you keep having problems, get some input from the top surgeons.  There are people that took a year or more to get back to being pain free and normal activity.  It is not usual, but we all heal at a different rate.

Relax a bit.  Good Luck.  Pat
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