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5-6 weeks out
« on: June 16, 2017, 05:49:37 PM »
Hi fellow hippies.  I had L resurfacing done by Dr. Gross 5/10/2016.  Of course everyone in my city (Austin, TX) advised me against it, even a ortho here in town that does them.  Well it's true that he couldn't do my surgery anyway bcs I'm a tiny female.  But once I read about Dr. Gross, I knew the trip to South Carolina would be worth it.  So far my recovery has been entirely uneventful, thank goodness, because I'm going on vacation to China tomorrow.  I just got my 6week followup xray (looks fine by my eye, I'm a radiologist, but don't see these films since no one really does them here), and PT evaluation (looks good for this stage).  The PT had me do the stage 2 exercises, which didn't bother me at the time, but I'm kinda limping today (thought I'd stopped that).  Couple questions:  I never can tell I've overdone it until the next morning when my tendons(?) hurt as I lay in bed.  Not the typical muscle soreness I'm used to from training.  Anyone else like that?  I also have alot on clunking as I get toward the limits of my current range of motion, it doesn't hurt.  Any guess how long I'll be like that?  Did anyone else have that but when did it go away?  When can I start doing yoga again?  And breast stroke kick?  Thanks!



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Re: 5-6 weeks out
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2017, 06:44:18 PM »
Hey! Glad you are feeling well and getting back into life.

About overdoing it. I wasn't sore per se either. It was more like my hip would swell or feel swollen even if it didn't look swollen, especially at the stage you are now, like six weeks to six months out. I'd ice and elevate in response, this early on, even go back to the cane/crutches for a few days.

I clunked when I stressed myself in new ways for about the first four months. The stress could be range of motion or more motion. It pretty much went away after that. However, I am about a year and a half out and did clunk again when I did a new exercise class with a lot of leaping and hopping and undulating (one legged hopping), followed by some range of motion testing moves. (It was a hip hop dance class taught by a local pro basketball dancer. Yes, it is fair to ask what an old person like me is doing in that class....I was curious. It was fun.) And I had that, old swollen feeling again. (So I will take a break from hip hop dancing for a little while. )

Breaststroke kick. It came back slowly. I could do a legal breaststroke kick with my feet pointing and flexing and both legs moving symmetrically before six months out.

Keep us posted! Tell us about China and the metal detectors.


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Re: 5-6 weeks out
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2017, 02:47:07 AM »
 8) Doing well lizard. Experience I had is the tendons take a while to restrengthen. Once they do you are away. I am past my 2 year mark and still improving. Cheers K
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