Author Topic: how do I know if the occasional sharp pain means anything? 11 weeks postop  (Read 1853 times)

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Ok, I can't complain.  I am able to walk a ton, swim a ton, bike medium intensity some (just weak still compared to before).  I'm pretty flexible with the operated side, but of course I still have a long way to go to feel symmetric.  Perhaps my problem is that I am always pushing the envelope.  I notice I'm tight, so I stretch and do yoga, and it gets less tight, but sometimes I'll do some position and feel sharp pain.  Will that go away and I'll eventually be able to really DO yoga again?  I used to be really flexible, and some of that has decreased as I get older (just turned 48), and some stretches feel like tight soft tissue (mild discomfort), but this pain I'm talking about is really sharp.  I THINK it soft tissue bcs I can do the same position with my leg when I'm not having to use the muscle to support it and it doesn't hurt.  For instance, in a plank, if I try to move my L knee to my L elbow, it gets part way there, and then it really hurts, but if I do the same move of knee out to side to elbow standing with my foot supported on a box. it doesn't hurt.  btw, my 6 week xray looked "perfect" per Dr. Gross.  Just nervous, and impatient by nature.  Any input would be appreciated.


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It's really early still and you're going to have those sharp pains off and on for some time to come... especially when pushing things. Relax, back it off a hair and keep up the progress.
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It sounds like soft tissue to me as well. I was also quite flexible prior to surgery, although I don't do yoga. It took me a while, but I can put my hands flat on the floor again. You're only 11 weeks. Your bones and muscles are still healing, and will be for quite some time. So, expect the occasional sharp pain for while, and realize it's your body saying, "uh, not quite yet". You'll get there.


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Hang in there. I have tried that particular movement. Couldn't do it at six months, but could the next time I tried maybe a year out. I tried P90x abs at a certain point in my recovery. Could do like 70%. Lower abs were weak, which was a surprise. A few months later, I could do it all.

Google Juno on this forum. She has made impressive progress in flexibility.

If you have a sharp pain, back off. Try again in a few weeks.


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Re: how do I know if the occasional sharp pain means anything? 11 weeks postop
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Some of the sharp occasional pain is better, and I'm flexible in some ways but not others.  I guess I should say that my range of motion before I get those sharp pinches is improving.   I am freaked out but the clucking I still have at the end ranges of my motion.  Should I be concerned?  Doesn't hurt, but it is disconcerting.  Maybe I'm asking too much from my hip?  Or maybe I'm just not patient (I know that's true).

I just did a hiking trip without any problem, but swimminng with really hard kicking just doesn't feel right -- soft tissue?  Now I'm about 4.5 months out. 

Maybe I expect too much.  I want to feel NORMAL.


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