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10 Months out after bilateral and bummed.
« on: August 15, 2017, 07:49:54 AM »
Hey, ive been sticking off the board for the past 6 months focusing on my rehab.  I had bilateral with Dr De Smet in October 2016.

Anyway, as an update. My right hip I have impingement, its not evident on the x-ray so as far as Dr De Smet is concerned I do not have any but my local ortho has confirmed this is the case through testing.  There is not much I can do about this but try cortisone then it'll be psoas release if that doesn't work.

My left I'm really struggling with - I've developed tendonosis of my psoas in March.  Im so so so p*ssed with my physios as I was very aware that I was going to be prone to this and told her so.  Anyway, she gave me the wrong exercises and I've ended up with full blown tendonosis.  I'm now seeing a biokinetisist for eccentric lengthening and glute stuff plus other physio who is doing electro-stimulation of my glute, plus a specialist where I have laser, ultrasound, acupuncture and haven't had any improvement.  If anything the bio has made it worse as he told me to exercise through slight pain to get stronger - I can now feel the tendon is hard and thickened under my skin and if I walk for more than 10 minutes it flares for 2-3 days so it is now very limiting. Ive tried extended rest and this doesn't fix it - it did help to begin with but about 6 weeks ago it flared (by doing the stuff the bio suggested) and thats when i could feel the tendon thicken up so I'm afraid I've caused too much scar tissue for this to heal naturally.

Anyway, to add another layer of complexity I am pregnant now so I cant get this sorted for at least another year. The pregnancy does a lot to dull the pain as it makes everything floppy but Ill have to wait till my hormones are back to normal to do anything.  For my right I'm praying two doses of cortisone could fix it (it can in a % of cases) otherwise its a release. For my left, I have PRP, prolatherapy and glyceral trinitrate patches to try but knowing my body the prognosis doesn't feel good.

I'm super worried that having any type of psoas release is a disaster for me as I have high femoral anteversion/dysplasia and instability especially in my left.

I'm not sure really what else I can be doing regarding my tendonosis - any suggestions? Has anyone experienced psoas thickening that they can feel and have healed it without surgery? 



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Re: 10 Months out after bilateral and bummed.
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2017, 12:58:19 PM »
I am sorry you are having such trouble and I don't have any ideas. Thank you for sharing, though, and please keep us up to date on what you do.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Second baby?


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Re: 10 Months out after bilateral and bummed.
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2017, 06:55:47 PM »

  Sorry to hear your psoas issues. I read your post on the surgery  you had prior scopes as well, also going into the HR did you have the tendonitis issues?

Its tough I am still having psoas issues after HR surgery over a year ago. Mine did not develop till 7 months after the HR surgery but I also had it after my scope as well. I believe once you have it its very easy for it to become chronic. Rest does cure it but after you begin activities it just flairs up. Also, it turns into a vicious cycle as your glutes and other muscles become weak.

What does the Dr say about the psoas tendonitis?




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Re: 10 Months out after bilateral and bummed.
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2017, 07:47:21 AM »
Blinky - to answer your question, yes this will be my second!  Im nearly 38 so havent had the luxury of taking my timE so to speak.

Larry, sorry to hear you are having problems - are you getting improvement and whats your approach?

Regarding my left, I had SIJ issues a while back which caused messed up muscle patterning - so unable to fire my glutes without firing my flexors.  This ended up in piriformis release 7 yrs ago which was a bad move.  After that i have struggled with my left as its all flexors and no glutes (but its never become chronic but perhaps due to my accident that messed up my hips 5 years ago which put a stop to any major activity). I knew that i was going to be prone to this.  Im in south africa and havent been able to find a PT that is on the same page with me regarding my muscle patterning, they are all of the opinion that when my glutes get strong enough my flexors will stop compensating.  This is opposite to what I think and my PT in Australia approach and is what has made this chronic.

Anyway, the surgeon here is of the view that a lengthening/release, although he doesn't really want to touch my hips given all of my problems and is not confident of the outcome. I will exhaust everything until I go down the surgery route.  I am bummed about my right as functionally it is in order apart from the impingement.

What about you = what do the docs and PT say?


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