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« on: October 16, 2017, 09:17:44 AM »
Hi I am booked for a bilateral BHR with Mr McMinn on 21st Nov. I am sure it is going to be a tough ordeal but from what I can make out the benefits should be well worth it. I know there are many risks and possible complications with this or any surgery but one that keeps coming back to me is the risk of blood clots which could lead to a PE with serious consequences. Is there anything pre-op that is worth doing to minimise the risk of clots post-op ? I am trying to keep as fit as possible within the constraints of my lack of mobility and eating sensibly etc, I don't smoke. Any advice or information would be appreciated as this matter keeps coning back to worry me.


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Re: DVT/Clots
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Will you take blood thinners post op? I did for a period of time, then baby aspirin. And I bet you will be given some exercises to do post op, albeit simple ones at first, like ankle flexing. Moving around even that little bit will help.

Will you get those tight hose to wear? I didn't (thank God!) but some people do. I guess you could request them.


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Re: DVT/Clots
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2017, 01:39:08 PM »
Being in shape pre-op is good. It will make it easier to get up regularly and move around after surgery. For my BHR surgeries with Dr Pritchett I was instructed to stop all supplements, especially those that have a blood thinning effect, 2 weeks prior to surgery. They will control bleeding and clotting via pre, peri and post op via prescribed meds. For me,  after each surgery, I was prescribed to take 1 325mg aspirin per day for 30 days to help reduce clot risk along with periodic walking and doing some simple exercises to do while sitting or laying including ankle pumps, knee raises/foot slides, gluteus flexing, lateral leg slides, and simple extensions as well as taking deep breaths. I think this is a common protocol.  I am 4 months LBHR, 7 days RBHR and doing all of these things and all is well so far.

Derek Murashige (Shiggy)

LBHR 6/20/2017 Dr Pritchett
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