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Piriformis Stretch
« on: October 07, 2018, 03:35:59 PM »
I been trying to do this piriformis stretch where you bring the operated leg up and across in the direction of the opposite shoulder. It's a hard stretch for me to do and am concerned about bringing the leg across the body. I tried it and was sore for days. Is this a stretch we can do after a hip resurfacing? I am just over 9 months post op. I dont know if I have piriformis or not but am still suffering butt pain every day. I see the PT lady tomorrow so will see what she recommends.

There is an example of the stretch in this video:



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Re: Piriformis Stretch
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2018, 03:15:29 PM »
Well since there are no responses I will answer my own question. Yes we can do that stretch as I am doing it twice a day now, two sets hold 30 sec. Plus a bunch of exercises from my PT.  I had to wait almost a month to get this PT but she seems good. Did a deep massage into my butt yesterday. I am very sore but think this may be the way out of this constant butt pain.

There is one muscle that is completely shot. Sitting on a high table with leg hanging over I cant even move my leg against the lightest band they have. Its rotating inward that is bad.  So I just push against the band for now and hopefully can begin to move it soon.


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Re: Piriformis Stretch
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2018, 01:30:11 AM »
Thank you for contributing in answsering a question!  :)

I feel pain just watching the video. I am almost 3 months out and am just working on bringing my ankle up to my opposite thigh sitting, which is getting better very slowly.

Any tips from your PT on how to improve this motion and get to the stretch you are attempting? Or was it just keep trying.


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Re: Piriformis Stretch
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2018, 03:17:44 PM »
I had to stop this stretch due to pain. Not so much pain in doing it, which was there, but the pain that came later in the day and night. I was in bad pain from this stretch so had to stop it per Dr Gross. So now dont really know how to stretch this piriformis. My PT lady has never had a resurfacing patient so she doesnt know why this stretch hurts so bad.

Have done 4 weeks of PT which has caused my other "good" hip to hurt too. And so far it hasnt helped this lower butt pain I have. In fact its made it a little worse with all this activity. I was hoping to talk to Dr Gross and am hoping he will call.

I have a nice standing desk now as I stand a lot. Sitting still hurts. Laying flat is ok. Really hope this butt pain goes away. I sometimes regret having this surgery. I would love to plop down in my recliner and watch football. Instead I will be standing a lot which gets really really old. Or laying flat on the floor which is better than sitting. When I do sit I find my self trying to sit to the good side, trying to keep the other butt check from experiencing much pressure. Its not a good way to live that's for sure.  I never dreamed this type of pain was a possibility from this resurfacing.
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Re: Piriformis Stretch
« Reply #4 on: November 22, 2018, 02:58:03 PM »
I am familiar with this stretch- a good one for people with tight periformis muscles.  I practiced this stretch on both hips for the year preceding both of my hip resurfacings with increasingly diminishing ability to do the stretch and increasing pain in doing so.  I was hoping that post surgery I would regain the ability to do the stretch- and am still working on it- however, to date at 4 months and 2 months post surgery I have only made very limited advance toward this goal.  Not to be discouraged.  It's important to realize that in most surgical approaches for hip resurfacing, excluding the anterior and possible the lateral approaches, the periformis muscles is released from its connection to the femur right about at the trocanter.  The periformis and the glute minimus [might be the medius] both connect to the femur very close to each other.  The periformis is reattached before closing surgery and the glute muscles which are not released are still retracted out of the way and therefor stretched way out of place and usual function- so they are going to be pretty heavily traumatized themselves.  Also given that many of us have highly reduced muscle tone in these muscles from years of reduced activity prior to surgery they are all that more susceptible to damage and difficult healing.  When I watched this stretch again after surgery I just laughed at the prospect of doing it again and then have slowly started working toward it.  I can get my foot just about propped up on the side of my knee and do about 20 seconds of stretching.  I couldn't do even that first time I tried 2 wees ago and the leg wouldn't even move in the right direction without being dragged by hand- no neural response at all.  Now it kind of reluctantly and weakly makes the effort of lifting itself and bringing the ankle/foot over toward the knee where I give it its final positioning and I manage a bit of stretching before the periformis and glute [both still healing] tell me "We've had enough".  I am happy to be seeing progress and expect to see more in time.  An imporant lesson I've gained from the PT I'm working with it even hand or device assisted movement for both strengthening and stretching are beneficial as they help reestablish the neuromuscular signals the brain sends to the body to move/do something.  The muscles may be too weak to do it alone along with the confused/traumatized nerve path but helping the movement out with your hand or a sling will start retraining the body and build strength.  Allright.  Next week: Full Lotus.


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