Author Topic: Maybe try stem cells before resurfacing???  (Read 838 times)

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Maybe try stem cells before resurfacing???
« on: October 11, 2018, 02:46:16 PM »
So I had a double hip resurfacing two years ago after three years of failed operations after and accident that tore my labrum and ligaments. After my resurfacing Iíve had psoas problems so not been able to exercise much.
Anyway, just as Iím getting stronger my knees have both been diagnosed with stage 4 arthritis - due to my patellar tracking poorly due to weak hip muscles.
Given All the crap I went through with my hips I thought Iíd try anything so went and had stem cell therapy. Itís only been a couple of months but so far itís looking positive. Iíve gone from constant arthritic pain to pain free. Although Iím not at a high level of activity yet.  Even if I have to repeat it every couple of years then itís worth it. I might be jumping the gun but I wish Iíd tried it for my torn labrum in my hips which started all my hip problems.

If it doesnít work Iím going to see Dr Saw in Malaysia who does intense stem cell treatment after micro fracture for large patches of arthritis. Google him. Not yet available for hips but I think a real insight to where this is all heading.

Maybe itís worth trying for those yet to have the resurfacing and have the money to try it and depending on the problem.
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Re: Maybe try stem cells before resurfacing???
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2018, 10:38:29 PM »
Prior to deciding on hip resurfacing to deal with the OA that had reduced my life quality to a crippled mess I spent the best part of 4 years attempting to deal with it through alternative therapies.  Early on I looked into stem cell therapy for arthritic hips.  There was a website/forum/review board for  people who'd undergone or were considering the treatment.  The prospect of avoiding surgery was a very strong motivator in my investigation.  I probably read close to 200 different responses  the first time I looked at that website- devoted to nothing else other than stem cell therapy for arthritis- there was only a single positive report indicating a successful course of treatment.  Unfortunately the person responding was either under the influence of powerful medications or naturally spoke like a psychotic.  Every other response was of failed, costly, unproven, dubious unscientific "treatment" with nothing more than anecdotal evidence to support it and not a single positive outcome.

I tend toward the tenacious [OK. I'm stubborn and 3 years later I was still afraid to have the surgery] so I attended a "conference" being promoted in several local papers for different locations for stem cell treatment to deal with OA.  The advertisements declared a doctor would be giving the lecture.  It was free.  The course of treatment was not.  After listening to a very well dressed man speak eloquently and smoothly for over an hour and answer the most direct questions that contradicted some of the assertions he'd made with what at best might be categorized as equivocal mumbling avoidance the $10,000.00 dollar price tag for treatment was rolled out, that was not covered by any insurance due to its experimental nature, had no double blind clinical research backing it up, offered no reliable assurance of success and obviously refunds were clearly not included.  My inquiries regarding clinical trials seeking volunteers was unsuccessful.  I concluded the treatment was not yet advanced enough to warrant serious consideration.  The most successful part of participating was to realize I was going to have to come to terms with my fear of surgery, which I did to my greater relief.  If stem cell therapy for OA has any validity it is yet to be proven conclusively and until such time as it is I think it is a disservice to the community at large to offer it as a legitimate cure.  Others might disagree with this opinion.


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Re: Maybe try stem cells before resurfacing???
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2018, 05:56:19 AM »
Hi, yes I agree we are probably a few years away with bona fide stem cell treatment protocols for hips but knees we are not. Unfortunately hip research is always behind knees, although I donít think the science is that different.
I mentioned Dr Saw in Malaysia - he is part of a large sports orthopaedic research unit and has produced a number of research articles relating to the growth of hyaline cartilage. His method is currently under review by the FDA at considerable cost. For me that is enough.
Unfortunately stem cells are not generally supported by the pharmaceutical companies or medical device companies (no need to say why!) so the research is lagging.

Whilst stem cells are still deemed to be experimental I think it comes down to personal risk tolerance - surgery where there is no coming back from vs something thatís less invasive but with unknown risks.  If you can find a research centre rather than any tom dick and Harry that will take your money then itís worth considering as a step before going under the knife I believe. Itís not going to work for everyone I agree.

John C

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Re: Maybe try stem cells before resurfacing???
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2018, 07:35:54 PM »
I thought I would share my own experiences with injections.
In 2008 I tried a stem cell injection in my bad hip from the leader in the field at that time in the US, before the FDA started cracking down on culturing the cells. The result was disastrous, and I ended up on crutches for months, continually getting worse until I had that hip resurfaced with good results.
A few years later, I tried hyaluronic acid in my other hip as it started to deteriorate, as well as annual PRP shots, with minimal results, before having that hip resurfaced six months ago.
I have been getting annual PRP shots in my knees for many years, with minimal results.
Two months ago I tried a new protocol in my bad knee which mixes PRP and hyaluronic acid, and it has been miraculous. It took about 6 weeks for the results to show, which would be expected from any healing process. I went from not being able to do deep squats on the bad knee, along with some pain during walking, to absolutely pain free during any activity. At a cost of $1800., it was not too bad.
Obviously one person's results to not make up any meaningful data, but I thought I would share.
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Re: Maybe try stem cells before resurfacing???
« Reply #4 on: August 27, 2019, 10:10:12 PM »
I evaluate medical literature as part of my profession.  There is no evidence for PRP with or without hyaluronic acid for OA of the hip.  Knees and other joints/muscles may be different.  For hip OA, there are some studies with positive results at < 12 months but these are typically not well designed (not placebo controlled) and never show benefit past 12 months.  So, it is possible that it will help for some, but the published literature does not show a consistent positive outcome outside of possibly ~6 months.  I would prefer to try it prior to having HR or THR, but why? it is no better than placebo after about 6 months.  It is amazing to me to see how many physicians say that there is "promising" evidence that it works.  There is currently no evidence that it works.  Again, other joints/applications may be different.  And also over time, maybe they will improve how/what is done but now there is no evidence. 


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Re: Maybe try stem cells before resurfacing???
« Reply #5 on: September 06, 2019, 09:05:40 PM »
Stem cell. Tried that failed and a waste of money! Hip resurfacing was not a waste of money. Proven and works!
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Re: Maybe try stem cells before resurfacing???
« Reply #6 on: September 17, 2019, 03:23:11 AM »
After studying stem cell procedures for several months I found that REGENEXX trained physicians were the only ones exclusively performing orthopedic procedures and that they actually have patient registries for all the conditions they treat. Outcomes for hips are not nearly as promising as knees. Even with that information I decided to undergo the stem cell procedure for my arthritic left hip at 51 years of age. The procedure began to bear fruit after only less than 6 weeks and now 2 years later I still function at a much higher level and have significantly less discomfort than I did before the procedure. Because of the arthritic deformities that are still present I am now considering a hip resurfacing so I can reach an even higher level of function.

If you are considering stem cell therapy for a knee I highly recommend you find a REGENEXX trained physician in your area. Their training is exclusively in orthopedic stem cell procedures and they have patented methods of extracting mesenchymal stem cells from your marrow that other clinics don't.


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