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Bi-Lateral Crutch Question
« on: November 23, 2018, 02:01:29 PM »
Hello all,

I have a quick question which I assuming others, particularly other bi-Lats might have an opinion on. 

I am now exactly 23 days post op on Bi-lat with Dr Gross. Recovery appears to be quite normal, definitely know when I have done too much as the pain in my groin muscles (up front hip joint running down on the inside of my thighs) really start barking.  After some down time or a good night they calm down to no or very little soreness.   

I was talking to the nurse last week and she said I was logging way to many steps in this early phase and told me to cut it to 1.5 to two miles total a day which has seemed to help a lot with the soreness.

Reading my release instructions it says I can start trying to go down to one crutch and by week four can try no crutches.   With week four coming up I want to try one crutch before experimenting with no crutches. 

As a bi-lat which crutch do I try to ditch? Mix it up?

I really couldnít tell you which side needs more support.  They both will get the groin soreness.   I definitely favor my left side from all my compensation over the years. Even now I fight the urge on crutches and sitting to lean to the the left and remind myself to make myself even.   Before I couldnít do that as the hips simply would not position themselves evenly as the damage caused a twisted pelvis.   Now I can sit and stand evenly but old muscle memory takes over and I will start compensating left like before surgery.   I frequently stop and reset myself to come back to center, which is cool that I can do it now. 

All that said I am thinking about ditching left crutch to reinforce me coming to the right (which is actually neutral but feels moving way right to me).   I have no idea if that is sound or makes any sense.  I am likely overthinking this, but with all the down time thatís pretty much what I do. 

Appreciate any advice.   Looking forward to trying no crutches (just around the house at first) next week. 


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