Author Topic: Sharp pain in quads and a swollen knot on glute near incision  (Read 309 times)

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Hello, I am 5 weeks out with right hip resurfacing by Dr Gross. Everything seemed ok until I started back to work a week ago. I sit alot in the car for several hours at a time due to being a sales rep. My operated side a few inches below the incision is extremely tender to touch. My walking has been great but now I'm back to limping and it feels like a knot is in my right glute. Is this normal?? It seems like 2 steps forward and 3 back. Sleeping was great now the past few days its throbs in the joint??? Also both quads seem to get sharp pain while trying to get from a sit to standing position. When will I be able to stand up normally without these sharp pains. Pre surgery I lift weights, very active and now both quads are so sore. Is it over compensation??
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Re: Sharp pain in quads and a swollen knot on glute near incision
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My HR was by Gross on 3/20

I had a similar issue with the operated quads in the earlier weeks. I just iced, rested, and elevated it whenever it flared up. Tylenol too.
I treated it like a sore muscle from a workout, basically.

Now I donít have that issue at all

It will probably pass once you take it easy for a couple days and continue the heel slides

John C

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Re: Sharp pain in quads and a swollen knot on glute near incision
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You must realize that your level of activity at five weeks is very high for a body recovering from what amounts to being in a severe car accident, in which your hip was dislocated, bones were damaged, and there was a deep laceration through many layers of muscle, including your glutes. At five weeks, you are barely into the healing process, much less the recovery process.
Now, after that reality check. The knot in your glute is something we commonly call the "monkey fist". it is probably swelling from overuse, which is to be expected at 5 weeks. Ice is still your friend. My first hip experienced it for almost a year; then my second hip never experienced it all. Every recovery is different. My first hip never had any serious quad issues, but my second hip did. It continued to be an issue whenever I pushed it hard, like in the gym, for about three months, though it did get gradually better over that time. I would say that it has taken nearly a year of intense activity for that quad to get back to the full strength of the other one. As many have said, this recovery is not a sprint, it is a marathon. If someone enjoys very long periods of ongoing improvement, this recovery process would be heaven.
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Re: Sharp pain in quads and a swollen knot on glute near incision
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In addition to what both posters above have pointed out I would like to posit that the activity you are getting is likely some of the worst activity you could be pursuing.  You are spending too much time sitting on your butt driving a car.  I just got back from a 2 hour drive and the monkey fist, as referenced above, was screaming- well complaining louder than I like to hear and I'm 7 and 9 months our after bilateral.  At about month 3.5 of my second recovery I realized the only time I felt really well and like I was recovering was after working out.  Within a couple of hours after exercising there were a litany of small nagging pains and complaints that set in.  It led me to wonder if I would literally have to spend the rest of my waking life in a sweat at the gym.  Fortunately that wasn't the case.  What was extant was that too much INACTIVITY will impede your progress as quickly as too much or too hard.  If I was driving 2-4 hours a day I would have needed to get out of the car and stretch my legs a minimum of every 1/2 hour.   Nothing extensive- stop somewhere, get out, stretch the upper body, a few half squats after some hamstring stretches and a short 2-5 minute walk around the parking lot.  The point I want to make is healing and recovery take a combination of rest and exercise in very controlled measured portions.  My experience tells me that while you are pushing the time limits for return to practical function and work you are doing so incorrectly but you might be able to swing it with more attention paid to the necessary work of HEALING and RECOVERY.  You've been given a new lease on life with this procedure.  Third chances get iffier.  Your life will still be there when you're healed up and even clients will understand and appreciate all the more the effort you are making by being there at all if you're a few minutes late because you had to stop and stretch.  Get well and enjoy.

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Re: Sharp pain in quads and a swollen knot on glute near incision
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Congratulations on the new hip resurfacing. 4 weeks post op seems like a long time after surgery, but it is still very early in your recovery.  I think the folks below have the right idea - no sitting for such long extended times. It is irritating your incision and muscles.  I had a tearing sensation after I walked and tried to sit.  All the scarring trying to heal.  It took a few months to completely stop.

Try to be easier on yourself and hip. At least take breaks every 45 minutes.  I was told early on to not site more than 45 minutes at a time. Pushing the limit is really giving you problems.  I am sure you will do better in a few months. A little patience will pay off.

I wish you the very best. You have a great summer ahead to you to try out the new hip.

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Re: Sharp pain in quads and a swollen knot on glute near incision
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My employment often also requires me to sit for prolonged periods, although Iím able to stand and stretch every 1 or two hours on average.
I still get that discomfort in the gluteal area upon standing and after the first few steps, it starts to abate. Not horrible though.
I started using a specially designed cushion for the chair, which I place on it before starting work. This seems to help. Overall the issue is getting less noticeable at this point. Im hoping I might have dodged the monkey fist or fist of fury bullet.
Everyone is different, but I think the frequent use of ice has helped


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Re: Sharp pain in quads and a swollen knot on glute near incision
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Thank you to all who answered this question. I never knew too much sitting would do something like this. I'm back in my ice machine and trying to do it all in moderation. The knot seems to have gone away also. The nurse called me back and also said that the bursa sacs can get inflamed and cause this as well from too much sitting.


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