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Author Topic: What a ride!! 6 months out  (Read 266 times)

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What a ride!! 6 months out
« on: May 03, 2019, 11:35:23 AM »
Hey yo hipsters, its been a long time.  Went back to work six weeks after a bi-lat with Dr Gross and have just been plain busy since. 

Today is officially my six month date and  Dr Gross has shoved me into this cold dark scary world and told me to go take on the world.  Which is really kinda of cool that you can have major joint surgery that is so successful that your surgeon tells no restrictions.  Kinda of scary too.  Not an I have 8 relatives who don't like each other staying at my house for my daughters first communion scary (this is literally happening) but rather is it really advisable to try some of this stuff scary. 

I need to say after that first week post op which was a giant bucket of suck I have had zero regrets about doing this. Everyday stuff  and normal living is almost never an issue with just the occasional twinge.
My wife decided she had enough of my agoraphobia post op and we took the whole clan to Disney about four months post op.  Besides the fact crowds and standing in line are my two least favorite things (maybe after disco music and bay city rollers) my hips held up phenomenally.  I wear a garmin tracker and in four days we walked over 60k steps at over 30 miles.   That doesn't account for the time just standing on my feet.  Don't get me wrong i was shot at the of the day, but after resting a full night my hips were ready to go, with my feet and rebuilt knee complaining more then anything.  There was no way this was possible pre-op. 

If I am struggling with anything it's trying to regain my athletic mobility and weakness. I have been back in gym since week six.  It's coming back but so slow.   My core strength is still a little gooey compared to before and my glutes require constant vigilance to remind me to activate them during exercise.  I am doing things I couldn't do before like being able to laterally move around as I work a heavy bag and make little cuts because my hips aren't a block of cement anymore. 

I would love any advice or exercises people can recommend at the six month mark.  Particularly for hip mobility in a progressive safe matter.  External rotation and my psoas are being jerks (athletically) and my hip extension is way better but still has work to do.  Any advice appreciated. 


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Re: What a ride!! 6 months out
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2019, 08:23:47 AM »
Hi, I'm also 6 months out and am back to running really slowly. I'm also having trouble with external rotation. Someone on here recommended Dr. Gross's exercises which have been really helpful.

I'm lucky enough to live in France where I can get PT for as long as I want. My PT stretches my psoas a lot and works on the rotation manually. When I'm in bed, I do the "butterfly" with my leg to make sure it stretches as much as it can. If you're having glute issues, you can try  "crabs" with an elastic and hip hitches to strengthen them. It's made a huge difference.
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