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Lower back pain anyone?!!
« on: June 04, 2019, 06:16:34 PM »
Had my right hip resurfaced in June 2018. Have suffered with lower back pain originally from running, football for ten years now and on bending, sitting/standing for too long.

Back scans have come back showing no damage to back and many specialists seem to think its muscle pain from overcompensating for two arthritic hips. I get lower back pain from the slightest of exercise, including jogging, bending, cycling 45 minutes, playing golf, playing doubles tennis.

I though having a new hip would stop this performance limiting pain. Does anyone have any experience of lower back pain pre or post surgery?

It seems my muscle firing patterns are probably not perfect but for me at 30 years old and sporty, this should not be happening. It's like my pelvis is twisted all over the shop but my new hip hasn't evened it out.

Can't comprehend how others seem to just have crooked hips but not other problems, so once the joint is fixed they seem all good. Whereas due to my hip problems I feel there are so many compensation pains in my back and stiff neck etc.

Has anyone here ever been diagnosed with sacro iliac joint dysfunction? How do you treat it? Surgery work?
My new hip is good-ish, but still fatigues easily and feels clunky and achey at times. Feel my walking stride is not normal still and feel limited range of motion in bringing knee up to chest and can bring a sharp pain, so wondering if this contributes to back overuse?

Sorry to ramble but I am a frustrated sportsman who is desperate to get back to playing without pain limiting me.

Thanks for your help.


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Re: Lower back pain anyone?!!
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2019, 03:57:42 AM »
Are your leg lengths even? Or is there a disparity? You might want to ask your surgeon. If so this might be a cause of your back pain (but not necessarily the only one).

I found out after surgery that there is a 10cm disparity between my right and left leg lengths. At least part of this was there before resurfacing. (When I have my other hip done me leg lengths will be evened out.) This caused a fair bit of back pain for me initially. Heel lifts helped with this tremendously. Now I don't need them at all. I gather this is not uncommon. This might not be your issue, but it's worth checking into because it is easily dealt with.


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