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Still good at 11 1/2 years post-op, New plan for Future..
« on: July 11, 2019, 11:09:00 AM »
Hello! Thanks for the approval to join and also for the shared info/support.

By way of introduction: Right Hip BHR in 2007 (F, age 42), Posterior Approach, Dr. Robert Gilbert

I had a very good recovery, was always athletic (hence the osteo-arthritic hip joint), plus healthy "lifestyle". After 4+ years with new MOM hip I felt great and was clear on the hip/glute strengthening exercises I need to do regularly. I don't do any high impact activities, for other reasons. I took a break from my yearly/bi-yearly check-ups as surgeon said it looked great and come back any time if I had any issues.

Well, the years flew by without incident, and by the time I scheduled another check-up it was 2016, Dr. Gilbert had retired, and I was scheduled to see a new surgeon at my medical center. He recommended x-ray, Co/Cr serum tests and MRI - all good! Another Co/Cr was done in 2018, still good (Co: 1.7, Cr: 2.7). Getting to the point of this post, thanks for your patience..

The new surgeon proposed this plan going forward (at 2018 visit): another blood test this year, another MRI this year, and if all is good: he expects I will live out my life with this BHR, and NO NEED for ANY further exams, x-rays, blood tests, MRIs. With the exception of unexplained pain/weakness in hip joint, of course. Has anyone with similar circumstances had the same recommendation?

I was a little shocked, but also thrilled by the idea of keeping this hip forever (no THR or revision surgery, ever). Maybe he's trying to get rid of me? ;) My health plan covers 2nd opinions, so I will do that - no reason to doubt this surgeon, but why not get more opinions?

Thanks in Advance for any comments or sharing,

p.s. I know about the Smith and Nephew Recall of the Birmingham, and the disastrous results in some people, especially smaller women. Terrible, terrible. My joint size was just on the border of being "too small". I feel lucky to have had an excellent surgeon and recovery.


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Re: Still good at 11 1/2 years post-op, New plan for Future..
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2019, 11:13:20 PM »
Great to hear you're doing so well.  It's the case with largest part of patients and the very few unluckier ones with less that good results are unfortunate- but even at such a small percentage many of them can get improved results with revisions and newer devices.  I consider folks who made the decision even as far back as yourself to be brave pioneers who opened doors of opportunity for those that came later.  Future candidates deserve the benefit of hearing these great results not only for their own reassurance but as a device to support the procedure, which for the time being, seems the best alternative for a large part of the population that suffers and IMO should continue to be provided and advanced by the surgeons and scientists that made it a reality in the first place and persevered for its improvement.  I'm 5 days shy of the first year on the first of the bilateral procedures and 10 months on the second.  My goal of pain free full function sees itself demonstrated each day with ongoing gratitude and satisfaction.  My general outlook is that after another year or three, unless requested by my surgeon for either health or statistical data requirements, I will evaluate my function and life quality and if it's still all good, I'd consider the matter closed pending symptomatic difficulties.  Maybe consider a regular 2-3 year imaging but healed is healed so keep enjoying the hell out of that "new" hip and congratulations.


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Re: Still good at 11 1/2 years post-op, New plan for Future..
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2019, 07:58:32 AM »
You should be good to go righthipster2007. There was never anything wrong with the BHR at any size, even the smaller sizes that were recalled. It was just more difficult for some surgeons to put them in perfectly straight in patients with smaller anatomy. For the small ones that did get implanted correctly, they have excellent results like all the other sizes. Yours is probably implanted perfectly and is why you are having such good results.

Search this site about impact and the benefits it has for longevity of prosthetic hip joints.

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Re: Still good at 11 1/2 years post-op, New plan for Future..
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2019, 09:36:37 AM »
Hi Elizabeth
We always welcome new members.  Great to hear from you. I had my BHR in 2006.

The BHR in all sizes normally worked well when placed by experienced surgeons very precisely. Many of the problems occurred from the less experienced surgeons.  Even the best surgeons occasionally have a problems or two, but not very often. After all, they are placing a human manufactured product into a unique human. We are not all exactly the same. So as in any surgery, there is a small chance of problems.
Most people, like yourself, don't have problems and hopefully will die with their hip resurfacing in place.  Many THRs go to the grave with their humans. It is not always the device causing problems, it is the person's bone growth.  The bone must grow into the surface of the device and hold it.  When the bone no longer stays attached, the device starts to slip and have problems - THR or hip resurfacing.

As someone said, a handful of the top doctors will do free email consultations.  Just send them a copy of your x-rays in a digital format and copy of your blood tests.  They are very good in helping people.  A second opinion when having problems is always a good idea.

I hope you continue to do well and wish you the very best.  Stop back sometime in the future and let us know how you are doing.
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Re: Still good at 11 1/2 years post-op, New plan for Future..
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2019, 12:34:04 PM »
Thank you Jim, Chuck, Pat for your kind and informative replies.

As I don't personally know any one else with a similar hip experience to mine, it really helps to hear from and read about all of your experiences. I feel much better now :D  I always felt SO lucky to have the pain gone - even if it's for 5 years it'll be worth it, I told myself. Now I can accept that it really can be that good, and glad that the long lasting success of a BHR is the majority of cases! No reason to not trust the surgeon following my case, but it's very re-assuring to hear from actual surface hippies.

Thank you for running this site. I shall return!




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