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Frazer law

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The End Of A Crazy Journey - 1 day Post Op
« on: September 29, 2019, 05:43:17 PM »
Hi All,
Its finally happened, hip resurfaced yesterday by Prof Meek in Glasgow.

2.5 years of going from Surgeon to surgeon getting passed from here to there. Finally all over..
For anyone reading not in the UK the NHS is a wonderful institution but sadly its on its knees. I kept asking my GP for a resurfacing referral, 3 times I got passed to a consultant who couldn't do it. Just THR on offer. !! At 44 yrs old, no thanks. I also found discussing resurfacing with these THR guys very difficult. Very closed to the idea, no interest in keeping up with the latest developments in their supposed area of speciality.

Anyways, I hit the end of the road in June when I had to give up everything due to pain. Everything was starting to hurt, not just my hip. All by doing very little, my once busy life had become so small. I went from being an international level volleyball player, to sitting on the couch. Simply existing is not living in my book.

I sold, begged and borrowed to make an appointment with Mr Mcminn, all was looking up Surgery on my right hip was booked for the 15th October. However I got a phone call start of september to say Mr McMinn has damaged his back and my surgery would need to be cancelled... I was devastated, had got my head into the space of its happening, its finally happening. I was advised to call Mr Treacy who was taking on some of McMinns patients, however by the time I had discussed possible dates with my partner he was full up untill December.
I was told Mr Dominc Meek in Glasgow was an excellent surgeon who was trained by Mr McMinn.
So I called and surgery was booked for the 28th Sept...

That was yesterday...

1 day post op.... So far so good.... But its been a crazy run in, mentally as much as physically its been draining. The anxiety i had the week or so leading up to this was at times almost unbearable, a million what if's going through my mind do I really need this. What if this goes wrong, what if I'm worse off than I am now. The mind can be a real pain in the ass at times. I must have drove my partner mad at times.. However I am so grateful she held my hand through all of this, watching me lose my sporting life and having to live with the grumpy, fat person I became hasn't been fun for her.
Like everyone else going through the end stage of Hip OA, I read everything, watched every surgery video, studied every outcome of every device. I could probably do a resurfacing myself.. !!

Anyways, its all over. I got fitted with the Adept prothesis (can't remember the size) yesterday lunchtime. Opted for the spinal block and sedation, the spinal meant I had trouble going for a pee afterwards and had to have a catheter fitted for 12 hrs. But there was less of a chance of nausea and stomach issues.
I Got up on my crutches today, felt amazing not to have that arthritic pain. Yes its still sore but a very different sore. I spoke with my surgeon afterwards, turns out I had zero cartilage, complete bone on bone and quite a few boney growths

Its all over 2.5yrs of thinking and constant research, 2yrs of giving up everything I love, finally over. I'm looking forward to the challenge of recovery. Looking forwards to getting my life back.
A final message to anyone playing the waiting game... Its hard, its harder than going through surgery and anything else that follows. Waiting is by far the worst part of all of this journey. Nothing is guaranteed, not much will settle your thoughts on the lead up to surgery. But the weight lifted after surgery is enormous. Keep that in mind.. !!

Also to anyone in the UK unsure about surgeons. Prof Dominic Meek (Glasgow) is a fantastic surgeon. Very kind, approachable human being. 

Onwards and upwards.


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Re: The End Of A Crazy Journey - 1 day Post Op
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2019, 07:52:26 PM »
Congratulations on the new hip. I am glad you finally got it all sorted out and on your way to healing.
I wish you the very best and look forward to reading your updates.
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Re: The End Of A Crazy Journey - 1 day Post Op
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2019, 01:08:25 PM »
Great news, Frazer, that you have been fixed at last - and sorry to hear that McMinn is awaiting surgery himself, hope that goes well. I was luckier than you in having insurance with BUPA, which I kept contributing to after retirement because I expected my hips would need doing eventually, and I was recommended a local surgeon by a friend with a BHR that was done ten years before. I did all the online stuff, made the decision and told Mr Kershaw what I wanted and why - and he said OK. Back jogging after 8 weeks. Just be careful for the next 6 weeks or so and you will be amazed how good life is again!
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Frazer law

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Re: The End Of A Crazy Journey - 1 day Post Op
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2019, 02:53:28 PM »
Thanks for the support. I'll do my best to go easy on it for the next few weeks. Leg is getting quite swollen today. Pain killers are knocking me about a bit.
Got the opiod tummy, very uncomfortable hopefully sort that out soon..


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Re: The End Of A Crazy Journey - 1 day Post Op
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2019, 03:38:45 PM »
Congratulations on getting the surgery.  Most people go through 3-5 days of abdominal reaction to the opiods but it passes as most are off the heavy ones in a few days.  I found Tramadol less constipating than Oxycotin.  Just a word of caution- recovery is an individual journey with lots of commonalities and a few peculiarities.  Every hip is different.  One common thread though is too much too soon.  I found consistent gentle motivations the surest path to healing.  i was prepared to do whatever it was going to take including practicing patience while I recovered.  Keep in mind for most of us we've also had a year or a few years of deterioration prior to surgery so beyond the surgical trauma we are not in top shape either.  It's easy to set ones self back pushing too early or too hard.  If you were given bed exercises to do to begin with do them regularly- as small as they are they help.  Some folks don't get PT instruction in the hospital- if so- Mcminns website does a good job explaining what you need to be doing right away- ankle pumps, quad isometrics, heel slides [if you can manage] and abduction slides [the most difficult for most people] bridges and the others they show will help you along.  No worries if you find you can't do something and you probably will.  Just the intention of trying will begin to "rewire" your brain to the new device/musculature.  First month can be a game of inches in improvements but they add up exponentially and before you know it the frustrations fall away.  Just takes time, patience and practice.  Best wishes.


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Re: The End Of A Crazy Journey - 1 day Post Op
« Reply #5 on: September 30, 2019, 06:03:21 PM »
Congratulations Frazer, and as jimbone mentioned, the best approach is to be patient.  You've put a large amount of effort into this, let things heal at their own pace.

You have several things to watch in this, the first and most important is structural, and it has nothing to do with muscular fitness.  You need to let the bones heal and the implant anneal itself to your bone.

Think of it as something broken that you adhere with strong but slow glue. The bone needs to insinuate itself into the porous surface of the implant, both on the hip and on the femur. Until that happens and is solid, you are at risk of it loosening.  The reason we walk early is to help the process, but too much pressure will work against that.

Since you have a high opinion of your doctor, have a conversation about this, and follow his directions, but always pay attention to your own body - you are the only one who knows how you feel.

I got back into good muscular shape early, but still held off from any serious workout until six to eight months had passed, strictly to make sure things were structurally sound.  Everyone is different, but that was my path.

Congrats again and good luck going forward!
Hernan, LHR 8/24/2010, RHR 11/29/2010 - Cormet, Dr. Snyder

Frazer law

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Re: The End Of A Crazy Journey - 1 day Post Op
« Reply #6 on: October 01, 2019, 08:06:16 AM »
Thanks for all the advice guys.. Were onto day 3. Leg is very swollen and a bit like a dead weight. But I guess after the surgery ive just went through, thats fair enough..
I'll take it easy I promise... Ive waited so long and last thing I want is to screw things up in the early days.
Getting home this afternoon looking forwards to my own space...
Once again, really appreciate the help and advice...
This site has been a life saver at times.


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Re: The End Of A Crazy Journey - 1 day Post Op
« Reply #7 on: October 01, 2019, 07:02:34 PM »
Hi Frazer, Congrats on your new hip! Yes my surgeon will be Prof Dominic Meek. I go in on the 9th of this month in Glasgow. I too was offered THR on two previous consultations however I held my ground and was eventually referred to Prof Meek. I wish you a speedy recovery!

Regards Jim Thyne

Frazer law

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Re: The End Of A Crazy Journey - 1 day Post Op
« Reply #8 on: October 01, 2019, 09:21:25 PM »
HI Jim.. Mr Meek is a hard man to see, good for you hanging off to see him. He done a great job with my surgery.... Can't fault anything. One thing you could ask though. Get him to shave you leg before the surgery, taking that second skin dressing off before I left today was nothing short of torture.. Just a wee thing but it all counts. All the best on the 9th. Keep in touch with how you go.


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Re: The End Of A Crazy Journey - 1 day Post Op
« Reply #9 on: October 01, 2019, 11:29:01 PM »
Frazier-  Swelling like other symptoms varies with patients.  First hip was a minor problem for me but on the second it was more of concern.  Icing helps a lot- a trick I learned was to take a small bath hand towel soaked in water and put in a large zip lock plastic bag then into the freezer.  Gives about 10-15 minutes of icing and then you can throw it right back in the freezer to re-freeze.  It is a convenient way of doing this.  First week-10 days I did a lot of icing especially that first week.  After the second hip I noticed a sense of 'fullness" in my knees- they didn't want to fully flex or do so easily.  They felt swollen.  I was told the swelling from the operation will leave the body through the lower part of the the legs/feet.  The feeling in the knees lasted several months [6-8?] Id say at least.  It was that long before I could sit my butt down on my feet while kneeling but it came back.  A milestone day for me at about 11 months was being on a job site and squatting down into a resting position with both feet on the ground and my butt against one heel- if described correctly.  There have been times when I thought certain functions were gone for good, and some may be- but so many have returned and are even stronger I look forward to continuing restoration.  You are sure to encounter some interesting moments in the coming months.  I found a lot of fun in re-learning to use my body again without the pain of arthritis.


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Re: The End Of A Crazy Journey - 1 day Post Op
« Reply #10 on: October 03, 2019, 08:19:08 AM »
Your story so echos my own. Congratulations! I'm 10 months out and starting to live my life again. Just remember to be patient. I saw other people told you that already, but it's true. I was a hardcore runner before, but had to back off little by little over the past 5 years as the pain became worse and worse. It's a slow recovery, but then I think where I was last year at this time (on crutches, having my 10 year old son help get my shoes on in the morning). Your body's been through a lot, but at least that horrible hip pain is gone. Enjoy your new hip !
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