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One-year anniversary of right-hip-resurfacing by Dr. Su. Extremely pleased with his team and office.

Recovery has gone and felt vert well. Running, skiing, and lifting weights working out 5-6x per week.  All feel super well and have not had any discomfort, and it has allowed me be to be super active again.  Former Ultrarunner.

Just had my first annual check up with X-rays and Blood test. X-rays looked great. 

To the question: Metal Levels - base line (low, medium and high). I came back with higher levels than I wanted/anticipated for Co (4.4 ug/L - plasma) and Ch (4.6 ug/L - serum) levels, which was disappointing and demoralizing. I have been searching through the forum and I am trying to establish a base line for what is the average and medium levels in what to expect? I have looked at some additional papers in the forum, but it is still unclear.

Frequency of Testing going forward, every 3 months, 6 months etc? I am trying to establish a base / trend line. 

I will update once I have had discussions with surgeon.

Any advice / guidance greatly appreciated.
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Re: Metal Levels - what are Low, Med, High - concerned from 1-year results.
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I also just received one year lab tests of 4.2 ng/ml cobalt and 2.4 ng/ml chromium.
I received a right bhr from Dr Su a year ago but also have a left bhr from Dr Su done 12 years ago.
Dr Su says 7 ng/ml is a threshold for one side and 14 ng/ml is a threshold for a bilateral.
Before I received the right bhr a year ago, my levels were less than 1 ng/ml for both cobalt and chromium for the left bhr.
So after receiving a right bhr, the increased levels are expected especially during the break-in period for the first two years.
The lab report states the low risk group is <3 ng/ml, moderate risk group is 3-10 ng/ml and the high risk group is >10 ng/ml.
Dr Su tests yearly for the first two years, then every two years.
I also run on a treadmill, swim, ski and hunt.
No worries!
LBHR 60mm/54mm Dr Su 9/29/08 age 55
RBHR 60mm/54mm Dr Su 11/1/19 age 66


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