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gray horse

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Wright Conserve Acetabular component w/ spikes
« on: November 15, 2021, 01:40:24 PM »
Hi all - does anyone have experience with Wright Conserve Acetabular component w/ spikes? Two weeks ago I had Dr. Pritchett do a revision in which he removed and replaced the Wright Acetabular component hardware. For years I had on and off pain, and when the pain was ON weight bearing and walking was very painful.

Just wondering if anyone else has / had this hardware? Mine was "installed" in 2004 by Dr. Boyd.



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Re: Wright Conserve Acetabular component w/ spikes
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2021, 12:00:56 PM »

Not familiar with the hardware you referenced- will look that up- but I would say two things.  Dr. Pritchett did both my hips in 2018 and I received the synovo cross poly prosthesis on both hips.  My 2nd procedure on the right hip required 2 screws in the acetabulum cup during placement.  At my initial post surgical exam I was shown the xrays and was unsettled by the screws which looked enormous to me and 2 full inches long. When I asked him why they were used I was told, "I didn't like the way the cup was situated so I placed the screw.  I still didn't like it so I placed the second screw",  [I am paraphrasing closely from memory].  My initial reaction was to still be a little uneasy as his response seemed a little nonchalant.  Shortly thereafter upon some reflection I realized a couple of things.  I'd made my decision to seek his surgical care because after an exhaustive research of available HR surgeons I'd decided he was the guy I could trust my surgery to unconditionally for numerous reasons.  Besides what I consider the highest ethical considerations of his patients he is also among a small handful of the most technically skilled and knowledgeable.  What I experienced as nonchalant was merely the calm, rational, completely informed expression of his decision, made during surgery to address an unknown anatomical irregularity in what he knew would secure the cup where and how it needed to be.  Admittedly, I experienced the 2nd hip differently for about the first year- not bad just differently- and at just past the 3 year mark I experience both my hips as though I was born with them.

My point is, if Dr. Pritchett made a technical hardware selection for you, the almost exclusive result was because it was the right choice of hardware.  My reply is not to sing his praises but just to assure you his surgical decisions reflect a knowledge base that is exhaustive and you should feel comfortable trusting that decision if my experience is any sort of valid measurement.  There are some others on the site who have had revisions with him and from my reading of their experience also bears out a comfortable reliance and satisfaction with their outcomes.

Hopefully your question is only seeking a better technical understanding of your hardware and others experience with it.  I just wanted to extend some reassurance to quell any uncertainty you might be experiencing.  Best of luck and get strong again soon.

gray horse

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Re: Wright Conserve Acetabular component w/ spikes
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2021, 11:14:04 AM »
OH, I'm VERY pleased with Dr. Pritchett and the revision! :) I was just curious if anyone else had the hardware I had and had problems with it. I always felt like it was the shell component that was giving me problems, as even if I just went on a long drive I would have a limp from pain.
We went into surgery not quite knowing what the Dr. would find, I travelled to get surgery by Pritchett, knowing I was in good hands.
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