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Introduction from Seattle
« on: June 06, 2018, 02:12:55 PM »
Wanting to introduce myself to the forum.  I've spent most of the last year reading and researching Total Hip Replacement surgery and spending time on the Bone Smart website.  I'd had my initial consultation with Dr. Pritchett in Seattle in Jan 2018.  I'm 63 [today as a matter of fact], in good health other than the severe OA and attending reduced ROM but until recently had been a life long smoker.  Initially that ruled out a hip resurfacing and without nicotine cessation no surgeon would take some one on as a patient- quite understandably.  My plan was to finish the contracted project on the books, begin a nicotine cessation program while maxing up my PT and swimming/gym workouts to prepare for surgery and get the work done in June.  1st of the month had my second consultation, now nicotine free, and have a surgery date of July 16 for hip resurfacing.  I was strongly convinced  Dr. Pritchett's ws the right choice after reading through his website, and now after further consultation and research have complete confidence it is the right decision.

The largely positive feed back and results I read on this forum is a big change from the other where most folks are dealing with complications whereas here I read success after success.  Even knowing the risk involved in resurfacing my gut is telling me it is the best course of action and I can see that my anxiety levels are quickly receding. 

If any one here is from the Seattle area, and especially if you are a patient of Dr. Pritchett I would be glad and grateful to communicate with a local I can learn from.  Of course, my welcome extends to all everywhere as well.

Thanks to all who have created, contributed and supported this excellent source of information and morale.


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Re: Introduction from Seattle
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2018, 08:09:46 AM »
I had a Right BHR done by a local surgeon here in Minnesota July 2010. The cup was improperly cemented, the cup slipped in 2016. This was quite painful.  July 2016 Dr. Pritchett revised the cup only, saving my femur. January 2017 Dr. Pritchett did my Left BHR.  I skied 120 days last year, Dr. Pritchett gave me my life back. I was well worth the travel and cost to have Dr. Pritchett as my surgeon. When I look back my eyes tear with gratitude.


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Re: Introduction from Seattle
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2018, 01:43:40 PM »
Hello Pappy,

That's a great finish to a hard story.  Really glad to hear you had such success.  If I can return to a level of activity as challenging as skiing it would surpass all my goals.  I spoke with Dr. Pritchett this past week and clarified my goals for surgery:  I am ready to retire and I want to be fully functional and pain free with the ability to travel, walk long distances, moderate hiking and maintain my stability and balance- I like to sail.  With those goals in mind he explained resurfacing is my best option.  I've considered the risks of the procedure which I understand is femoral fracture [beyond the standard surgical risks] and over this past week as I've come to accept those risks fully it feels like the remaining anxiety is dissipating.  Got my surgery date in July.  Time for me to go for it.  My two consultations with the doctor left me with a very strong confidence in his abilities and my chances.  Thanks for taking the time to reply.



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