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Hip Resurfacing is an excellent option for good candidates instead of a total hip replacement. The Surface Hippy Website features information about hip resurfacing. It was conceived and designed by Patricia Walter. Patricia had her hip resurfaced in March 2006 with … Read the rest

Joe’s Hip Resurfacing Update with Dr. Plakseychuk 2015

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I am just over one year removed from right hip resurfacing surgery (BHR) performed by Dr. Anton Plakseychuk at UPMC Magee in Pittsburgh, PA.  I have been hesitant to report, because it has only been a year, but the results have been so dramatic, that I feel the need to let others know, that at least some of us have been able to return to … Read the rest

Artur Akhmatkhuzin 2016 Olympic Champion In Fencing HR with Dr. Su 2014

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…At the beginning of 2014, I underwent the hip resurfacing surgery. True to Dr. Su’s words, I returned to fencing a year after the surgery. Remarkably, a year and a half after my surgery, I won two medals at the 2015 World Championship: bronze in the individual and silver in the team competition. In 2016 I won the Russian National Championship, and the team gold … Read the rest

Pete M’s Hip Resurfacing 2015 – Two Year Anniversary

Pete M’s Original Story Here

November 19, 2016 UPDATE – my left hip’s second birthday!

All is still well. I suspect the scar will always feel a bit strange but the joint itself is great and gives no concern despite all the use it gets, which includes 46 5km races, one 10km race and bike rides up to 55 miles in the last 12 months. It has also been subjected … Read the rest

Jim’s 5 Year Anniversary HR with Dr. Marwin 2011

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November 15, 2016 – Wow, does time fly when you’re having fun.  I had my bilateral surgery with Dr Scott Marwin on 11/15/11.  Being bilateral, I was able to stay at NYU Langone for nine days total having PT three times a day.  On the ninth day I surprised my wife by walking out of the hospital using just one cane.  I was able to … Read the rest

Steve’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Brooks 2016

Quick Summary,  I can not be more happy with my decision to do this so far.  It’s incredible.  I put both my socks on before I went walking with no help.  Every day there is something else that makes this better.  If you’re in pain and not doing things in your life because of the pain don’t let the fear of this stop you.  It’s an incredible gift to yourself … Read the rest

Josh’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Marchand 2015

March 30, 2015 – I am a former mountain bike racer and was racing at a very high level at one time.  I still keep in top cycling shape and after 7 weeks, I am already at full strength on the bike and just 2 weeks ago, it seemed like an impossibility I would be this strong.  Dr. Marchand laid out a timeline for my recovery and it was pretty … Read the rest

Jeff’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Dolan 2010 Update

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April 16, 2014 – I am 3 1/2 years post surgery.  I had my left hip done.  I took the first six months off for recovery.  Started training in May 2011 and did my first competition in March 2012.

I am a black belt in BJJ.  I have competed(after my hip resurfacing) a number of times at the Pans and World Masters without any problems … Read the rest

Happy Brit’s Bilateral Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Gross 2016

Happy Brit’s Full Story Here

November 1, 2016 – It’s now been 8 weeks since the second surgery (right hip) – I dumped the crutches for good a few weeks back and just take the occasional Tylenol when I get any soft tissue pain. I am walking 1-2 miles a day with a slight limp which I expect to disappear. My left leg/hip which is 5 weeks older feels great … Read the rest

Blinky’s 1 Year Anniversary of Bilateral HR with Dr. Gross 2015

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November 8, 2016 – One year and a few days later

I flew to SC for my one year check up with Dr Gross. No problems, just wanted him and Lee to look at my X-rays and manipulate my hips. Well, and I wanted to take a victory lap, show them how well I was doing and then go celebrate.

The X-rays looked great and … Read the rest