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The Surface Hippy Website was conceived and designed by Patricia Walter. Patricia had her hip resurfaced in March 2006 with Dr. De Smet of Belgium. She felt there was a need for a website to help people learn about hip resurfacing. She knew first hand that it was a wonderful solution for a hip replacement and wanted to help others learn about hip resurfacing. Visit Pat’s Corner to read her informative … Read the rest

MSK Lab at Imperial College Setting Up Patient Group

The Imperial College MSk Lab, led by Prof Justin Cobb, is setting up a patient group to involve people like you in the planning and delivery of our research.  The MSk Lab is one of the world’s leading musculoskeletal research labs where we work to create better results for patients by developing enhanced technology, techniques and strategies for orthopaedic and rehabilitation procedures.  To help us improve further, we’d like to involve you in the research planning process and give you access to those leading researchers.

We plan to hold regular meetings (roughly once a quarter).

In the first meeting, 20… Read the rest

Garth’s Hip Resurfacing 10 Year Anniversary

June 27, 2016 Its been a few years since i posted on this site. As a avid golfer and a person how has had both hips resurfaced i want to update the people on the site. First hip was done in 2006 followed by the other in 2009. I was 49 when my first procedure was performed. Am i satisfied…Very!! I still play golf weekly and I’m pain free.… Read the rest

Kiwi Boy’s 2 Year Post Op check-Up Dr. Blackley 2014

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June 20, 2016

Recently I had my 2 YEAR POST OP. check-up with my Surgeon, Dr. Hugh Blackley, Auckland, New Zealand. Although 3 weeks ahead of the actual “Anniversary date” [ Op was 7/7/14] it was practical to do it then due to family and travel arrangements. I was very confident of getting the big tick of approval, as I had a slow, steady re-hab,+ took 1 year off from my Triathlon racing. [2014/2015 season]. This proved PERFECT, and upon reviewing these 2 years Post-Op. X Rays and Cobalt, Chromium levels , Dr Blackley Read the rest

Boomer’s 4 Year Update with Dr. Rector 2011

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June 20, 2016

Just passed four years on my second hip and about four and a half years on the first hip. No problems to speak of. I ride my bikes a lot in Colorado, have fallen more times than I can count, and the hips are doing great. Hiking much more now then before and enjoying it without any pain regardless of how far I go. I play a little basketball and an occasional flag football game. I turn 62 in a month or so. I think I am doing pretty well.

The only … Read the rest

RDH’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Brooks 2016 Update

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At 8 weeks out (and when my hip is not tired) I feel pretty darn normal physically and mentally – which is great! Having said that I know that there I still have much work to do strengthen the hip and the rest of my surgical leg since it has seen very limited use since surgery…


* it seems that my doc is more conservative than others requiring 6 weeks on crutches and waiting a year before running or hard cycling that will stress the femoral neck.
* hip feels better right away, though … Read the rest

TRICARE APPROVES Hip Resurfacing 2016

Original PDF TRICARE Manual Here

4.10  Hip resurfacing (CPTprocedure codes 27125 and 27130, and HCPCS S2118) with an FDA approved device is proven for the treatment of Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) of the hip in patients who are less than 65 years old and who meet all of the following criteria:
  • Have chronic, persistent pain and/or disability;
  • Are otherwise healthy and active;
  • Have normal proximal femoral bone geometry and bone quality; and
  • Would otherwise receive a conventional Total Hip Replacement (THR), but are likely to outlive a conventional THR implant system’s expected life.
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Monica’s 11 Month HR 1Update with Prof Girard 2015

11 month post Hip resurfacing update

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I am a 63 year old retired British anaesthetist living in France, and a keen Triathlete.
In June 2015 I had a left hip resurfacing performed by Prof Julien Girard in Lille, France.
Last weekend, almost eleven months to the day,  I completed my first Triathlon since the operation. It was only a sprint distance and definitely not a Personal Best, but I competed in comfort and really enjoyed being back doing events again.

I am looking forward to a couple more Sprint Triathlons this season, plus a … Read the rest