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The Surface Hippy Website was conceived and designed by Patricia Walter. Patricia had her hip resurfaced in March 2006 with Dr. De Smet of Belgium. She felt there was a need for a website to help people learn about hip resurfacing. She knew first hand that it was a wonderful solution for a hip replacement and wanted to help others learn about hip resurfacing. Visit Pat’s Corner to read her informative … Read the rest

Gasyz Celebrating Birthday with Hip Resurfacing with Mr. Treacy 2015

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July 24, 2016  Birthday boy today, so decided to treat myself to a come back race. Entered in the vets class at The Fast Eddy xc series and came away with a nice 4th place. A very testing and fast 15 minute lap was laid on,comprising of a MX track, fast open fields and a very technical and rough forest. After 2 1/2 hours my knees were shot but my 11 month old BHR was perfect.

Back home now, on the sofa eating birthday cake and no hip pain whatsoever. Still life in the old … Read the rest

Bill’s 8 Year Anniversary on Right BHR with Dr. Brooks 2008

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Celebrated my 8 years on my Left BHR by riding 350 miles on my bicycle.  Rode from Pittsburgh, PA to D.C. in 6 days on the Greater Allegheny Trail and the C & O Trail.  I also have a BHR on my right side which is 3-1/2 years old.

Both hips felt great and preformed well.  My only pain was the blisters on my butt.

It is very important in the long run to keep your weight down, keep stretching and keep exercising. If I let any of these go I will start limping … Read the rest

Shout Out for Dr. Su

Snobert Zangnox – I’m a 55 yo physician.  I often find myself reminding patients to choose a surgical consultant for their skill and judgement, not for their personality.  With Dr Su you do not have to make that choice.  He is genuine, kind, and takes the time to explain things, returns phone calls, talks with family members- all that “little stuff” that you don’t get paid for, but makes a huge difference to to patients.  I can’t comment on his surgical skill, as I was asleep at the time, but my result has been very good so far (5 1/2 … Read the rest

Moe’s Bilateral Hip Resurfacing 7 Year Update Dr. Marchand 2009

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7 year anniversary for this bilat, both done on the same day. I was 56 at the time. I was basically becoming a cripple, barely able to sleep, walk around the block or get on and off my bike. I have had a totally positive experience post surgery, hiking, road/dirt cycling and mountain biking, kayaking, weight training, no issues whatsoever. I had a few bike crashes, including a serious crash on ice resulting in a broken femur, but I survived along with the BHR’s.

Dr Marchand and South County Hospital in Rhode Island did a … Read the rest

I am a Female – Can I have a Hip Resurfacing by Patricia Dukes

July 29, 2015

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As one of Dr Gross’ earlier patients, and a woman with small bones, I am saddened to hear the decision by S&N to prevent access of women to hip resurfacing.  The real truth of it IS and HAS ALWAYS BEEN the expertise of the surgeon that determines your outcome. I recall when S&N was so anxious to get their products out that they required very minimal standards for surgeons.

At one time (it may have changed) their requirement was simply to have observed (even by teleconference) two resurfacing surgeries and to have … Read the rest

Dr. Michael A. Mont named chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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Note by Patricia Walter – Dr. Mont is also one of the early and most experienced hip resurfacing surgeons in the US.

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Cleveland Clinic has named Dr. Michael A. Mont the chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.

The department is part of the Clinic’s Orthopaedic & Rheumatologic Institute and performs more than 16,000 surgical procedures a year, including 6,000 joint replacements.

Mont, who officially begins in his new role today, Friday, July 1, replaces Dr. Richard Parker, the team physician for the Cleveland

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MSK Lab at Imperial College Setting Up Patient Group

The Imperial College MSk Lab, led by Prof Justin Cobb, is setting up a patient group to involve people like you in the planning and delivery of our research.  The MSk Lab is one of the world’s leading musculoskeletal research labs where we work to create better results for patients by developing enhanced technology, techniques and strategies for orthopaedic and rehabilitation procedures.  To help us improve further, we’d like to involve you in the research planning process and give you access to those leading researchers.

We plan to hold regular meetings (roughly once a quarter).

In the first meeting, 20… Read the rest